Automatic Functions

The functions performed by acs include the information and control. For information functions include: – measuring (input, calculation) and analysis of the values of measured parameters and indicators of technological equipment – to display and register values of measured parameters and indicators of technological equipment; – detection, alarm, display and prompt registration of deviations of measured parameters, technological conditions and indicators of process equipment – the accumulation and storage of information about running processes and maintenance history of the process and product – Documentation current and consolidated information in the form of records and reports. Operative-technological information technology systems is the operator on the operator panel in a color graphic form (mimic trends in real time histograms, etc.) and alphanumeric form (in the form of messages). Warning and alarm is provided by the inclusion of an audio signal and a change in sign of the corresponding informational messages or mnemosimvola (eg, color change, background, flashing, etc.) to control functions include: – Automatic control of process parameters – program-logic control; – operation of locks and protection – manual remote control. Functional structure of acs depends on the amount of their functions, composition of the object management and location of its parts. The structure of acs is the principle of distributed control, according to which management tasks are divided between the programmable controllers, each of which serves a relatively self-object or group centered autonomous objects. Operational management and reporting is centralized in the dispatch room Control room. Configure controllers and control computers by engineers trc and the change in formulations together with technology of personal computers from the premises Engeneering room.

At the lower level (PLCs) perform functions that are directly related to the object of control: automated data collection and processing of measured parameters and status of equipment, automatic control parameters program-logic control, process blocking and defense. The composition functions of the lower level also includes a manual remote control of actuators, reserving control functions in case of failure of technical means of the upper level, as well as necessary during the commissioning and maintenance work. The structure features a top-level (personal computers) include operational management, centralized reporting of state technological systems. Configuration data, historical data, data provenance () product stored at the appropriate server stations in the server room (Server room). There is also a software software that performs a function with the level of plant management (ERP). Thus, the developed acs (to solve the problem of industrial automation thoughts of the object) on the structure are stacked multi-functional information management system.

Cold Metal Bending

Listogib (bending machine) – is a special equipment for forming the profile of a given configuration of a flat metal sheet. Listogib used for cold bending of sheet metal. Broad spread of modern roofing materials and technology makes mandatory the use of listogibov at work to perform various operations on sheet metal processing: for the production of metal roof, ventilation and drainage systems for the manufacture of various additional elements in the facades of buildings (low tides, ice skating, wind and curtain slats, etc.). Hydraulic equipment greatly expands technological capabilities when working with metal, provides a high level of quality hardware. Main technical characteristics listogiba – is the thickness of the processed metal, working length and accuracy of angle bending. By type of drive listogiby divided into hand-held, electromechanical and hydraulic. The same distinction of fixed and portable bending machines. Directly to the workpiece bending machine can be fed both manually and automatically.

To make the desired configuration sheet metal thickness of 1 mm, it's best to use manual listogib – it guarantees a high precision molding and does not require much effort during the work. To handle thicker sheets, and, if necessary, making several kinds of details appropriate to apply the bending machine with electric drive and opportunity to get a diverse profile. The most widely used bending equipment is harvested – locksmith operations: how in the manufacture of various boxes, covers, billboards and signage, additional elements and individual details, as well as directly in the production of stationary ventilation systems and roof pieces. In Russia, metal roofing has always been a sign of wealth and respectability. And that – not a fad: the climate here wet, a lot of days in the year are cold, often strong winds blow: Metal roofing has many advantages over wood or tile – high strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and just a possibility, if necessary, easily be on the roof of his house. In addition, metal roofing lasts longer. We create for you the equipment that will allow you to make a variety of metal products and billets. Our bending equipment and bending machine (bending machine) will speed up your work and reduce the cost of manufacturing a variety of shapes and boxes of metal.

Detection And Elimination Of Forest Fires

In addition, the order of the state forest enterprises are obliged to fully control raise demands on companies, organizations, institutions and other businesses and individuals working or having different objects in forests, on the detection and elimination of its forces and means of fires occurring in their places of work or finding objects. In this work all these capabilities must be built so that every fire in area of forest fund could be detected at the beginning of his appearance, so that the message of the fire was immediately transmitted to the item, arrange fire and that the necessary forces and means of extinguishing timely return of the fire and ensured their elimination as soon as possible. Responsibility for the preparation and organization of all forces and means of detecting and extinguishing fires and for the timely liquidation of fires territories of forest enterprises responsible for forest owners and managers. Forest management authority in the Russian Federation will organize supervision of the owners of forest resources and forest managers to implement measures to ensure timely detection and fire suppression, and provide them with necessary assistance, bearing in mind that the forest fire protection is one of the most important state problems. In order to prevent forest fires, fight them, the relevant bodies of state power: every year organizes the development and implementation of enterprises, institutions and organizations entrusted with the safety and protection of forests and forest activities on fire prevention, fire fighting arrangement and preparation of the said enterprises, institutions and organizations to the fire season; annually claim before the fire season, the operational plans for combating forest fires; establish the procedure for public involvement, employees of collective farms, state farms and other agricultural groups, workers and employees, as well as fire-fighting equipment, vehicles and other assets of enterprises, institutions and organizations for fighting forest fires, provide persons involved in this work means transportation, food and medical care; provide parameters during periods of high fire danger in the forests of the creation of the involved forces and means forest fire units and ensure their readiness for immediate departure to If you have a forest fire, assist in the construction and maintenance of fire-fighting purposes, airfields and landing strips for planes and helicopters used in carrying out works on aviation protection of forests in providing fuel and lubricants forest fire units, and allocation to the fire season at the disposal of government forest management as duty transport required number of vehicles, boats and other vehicles with a stock of fuel; organize an extensive fire propaganda, regular coverage in print, on radio and tv matters savings forests, compliance with fire safety in forests; ensure coordination of all activities to combat forest fires, creating, where necessary, special committees for this goal.