Parliamentary Commission

Iranian diplomats jumping off the sinking ship responsible politicians in the West expressed rather cautious about continuing violations of human and civil rights in the Iran. This seems to also encourage supporters of the regime to go to go to the West on protesters. End of December the wife of the Iranian Ambassador in France exiled Iranians in the Paris Embassy had by their security forces beat up, because they dared to demonstrate against the brutal practices of the police during the protests in Iran. On December 27, there were also beatings for protesters in the Islamic cultural community in Berlin. Apparently supporters of the regime felt provoked by slogans on the street against the regime, against Ahmadinejad and the Velayt-e faghi system. The police could do little. You the strokes accused men could identify themselves with diplomatic papers. While the regime of by dissuasive penalties on protesters, by tightening laws and inflammatory Friday sermons for the next possible Protests gears, crumbling the front of supporters. Atmos Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In an interview with voice of America bestattigte Ali Akbar Omidmehr, a former Ambassador of Iran in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, that already many diplomats had abandoned their positions and applied for political asylum in their respective countries. Dr. Omidmehr according to five diplomats of the Islamic Republic in the countries of their diplomatic residence have applied for alone in the past two weeks the refugee status. In addition to Mohammad Reza Heydari, the representative of Iran in Norway, whose back- owing the media had become known, five more diplomats are affected, two in Germany, one in France and one in Britain. All have applied for political asylum with their families.

Omidmehr according to media not have reported, since it in European countries as Germany was forbidden by law to publish personal data of asylum-seekers such as name and nationality. Only the affected would Right to disclose this information. He added that these diplomats were still busy trying to take safety precautions for themselves and their families, which is why they had still not publicly announced their decision. Omidmehr according to have since the beginning of the green movement in Iran as a whole, their positions given 27 diplomats and in Western countries for asylum requests. The establishment tried to restore order in its ranks in the Iran. The events in Kahrizak have shown the true face of the regime representatives and all over the world brought Iran into disrepute. Now be named the culprit. In a question-answer forum Salman Behbehani was the first to reply. The former Attorney General of Tehran, Saeed Mortazafi, was blamed in a report of the Parliamentary Commission for the incidents in the notorious Kahrizak prison. “The report finds that the detainees clearly cruel” were treated. The events in Kahrizak had compromised the reputation of the regime.” The candidates of the presidential election, the result of the election challenge me Hossein To have caused Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi is accused, the moods of people irritated and unpleasant events. At the same time sources however, report that a young woman during an interrogation with a Chair was slain in the military base of Eshratabad, in which many demonstrators of recently performed. Above all, women should be treated there inhuman. Even if Saeed Mortazafi should be indicted, there are still enough minions that the ideology of their system live with fervour. When there are clearer support for the oppressed people in Iran pages European politicians?

Man And Space

What is space? -A difficult process of defining why? This question was in my wide eyed and waiting for a reply. But didn’t he mean German friend was already sitting at his desk, engrossed in something which I had no access. I left the room, and it was ultimately. I suffered a bit including well, I suffered very sure now is finally with us and it is only the matter of time. Why may I not be easy so, while he’s doing something in his room? In the communist Poland, someone rarely had a large house or large apartment. Usually their room had children, but they had to live sometimes in pairs in it.

The rooms were also not lockable. To deepen your understanding lucas vandenberg is the source. For what? Secrets from the parents? What is this nonsense? It had simply not to have. The mother or the father was allowed to enter the nursery at any time, and woe betide if the child to stand up tried! If you wanted to have his rest, you went into inner emigration, in itself. And there they stopped for a while. Or a few days depending on the need. The constant presence of family members in everyday was just alive. Around a family life raged, but one was introspective. Already three generations lived in three rooms, no matter the apartments were small.

And they were small. The man needed no great spaces, he should so out live, participate actively in the life of society. But the man didn’t want to and in spite of all Communist theories spent his spare time in the family. People who have grown up in such families, have no social events. Perhaps you understand with all and sundry to come out, find compromise solutions and are perhaps less worked up about things, that are for a Western-born of great importance, such as violation of privacy.