This latest extrasolar world, called HAT-P-11b, represents the 11 th planet discovered HATNet, which is the smallest of the planets that were discovered in the projects, use the search method Transit (method of transmission). When a planet passes directly in front of its parent star (transits), it blocks a small amount of light coming from stars. In this case, the planet is blocked by about 0.4% brightness starlight. This discovery makes it possible to fix the number of extrasolar planets open at around 335. Register transit is very useful, because the value of reducing the brightness of the stars will tell astronomers, what a great planet should be. Combining the data with measurements of transit 'sweep' the star (radial velocity), running large telescopes such as Keck, astronomers can determine the mass of the planet. Mitchel Resnick contains valuable tech resources. At the While Neptune has a diameter of 3.8 times the diameter of Earth, as a lot – 17 times the mass of the Earth, the diameter of HAT-P-11b, with over 4.7 Earth's diameter, and weight – 25 times the mass of the Earth. Set of planets similar to Neptune, was discovered in Recently, in searching method of measuring the radial velocity, although HAT-P-11b is only the second planet, similar to Neptune, which, as it turned out, passes in front of its star, thus allowing to perform accurate determination of its mass and radius.

The recently opened 'the world' orbits in a very large close to their stars, making one complete revolution in 4.88 days. As a result, the planet warmed to a temperature of about 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. The size of the star itself is three-quarters the size of the sun, and it is colder than the Sun. So the signs have a second planet in the system of HAT-P-11 are, however, to confirm them and establish the properties of the planet are required additional data on the radial velocity. Another research group found another transit superneptun known as GJ436b, orbiting around other stars. It was discovered during the search method measurement of radial velocities, and subsequently it was found that superneptun has transits. 'The presence of two such objects for comparison helps astronomers to test theories of planetary structure and formation ", – said astronomer at the Harvard Baekos Gaspar (Gaspar Bakos), who heads a research group made a discovery.

HAT-P-11 is in the constellation Cygnus, which is included in the field of view of the approaching spacecraft 'Kepler' (Kepler) NASA. Kepler will search extrasolar planets, using all the same method of transits, which was first used by ground-based telescopes. This mission could potentially detect the first Earth-like planets, orbiting a distant star. 'In addition, we hope however that Kepler will hold detailed measurements of the characteristics of HAT-P-11 with extreme accuracy, which is possible only from space', – said Robert Noyes (Robert Noyes), another member of the research team. Original source: University of Arizona News Release Translator: Dorokhov Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')

Niels Bohr Science

Creation in 1956 by Soviet scientists laser was the last major discovery. Then came the period of "technological era" in which the notion of "Science and Technology" was changed to "technology". Began the process of technology development, for example, the computer, through which the computer was significantly reduced in size. Increased its memory, speed, there was the possibility of mutual human-computer communication, etc. The science has become dominated by the principle of subsidiarity, as a result of discoveries in physics during the transitional period of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was found that in the process research facility it amends the researcher and used appliances. The principle changes to the data of the object was first described by Niels Bohr, that was the turning point the whole structure of science. Subjective activities of the researcher in the context of science has radically changed understanding of subject matter knowledge.

The concept of reality "in its pure form" was viewed through prisms of a given slice of empirical and theoretical methods and means of cognition. Interaction between the researcher and the instruments used to test object leads to different manifestations of the object's properties depend on the type of interaction. What does the equality and legitimacy various definitions and theories for the study of the same object or subject area. Application of current research in applied fields (economy, education, technology, etc.) to develop situational models of optimal organization of financial, industrial structures, educational institutions, enterprises, etc. yield results, whose relevance is ephemeral because of ongoing changes in the conditions.