In our time the universal computerization ophthalmologists have introduced a new concept – ‘a computer eye syndrome’. If you’re at full time, and maybe more, all the symptoms you are well known. This redness, tearing, pain in the eyes, reduced visual acuity, headache. In this case, if not reduce the visual load, may develop a variety of eye diseases or worsen existing problems. In order to preserve vision, working on a computer, doctors recommend follow some simple rules. The monitor should be located no closer than 60 cm from the eye (it is optimal to arm’s length). The upper boundary of the screen should be slightly below eye level user, which will reduce the load on the eye muscles.

This requirement is not accidental, since in terms of physiology most natural for a seated person is slight tilt of the head forward. Each corner of the screen should be positioned at an equal distance from the eye. Therefore, escaping from the glare, you can not tilt the monitor face-down. To avoid glare, do not place the screen opposite the window, it’s better when light falls on the left. When working at a computer useful for the eyes from time to time to fix his eyes on distant objects, so the face to the wall to sit down and undesirable. Should not be install the monitor in front of light sources, as this will complicate the concentration of attention on the screen. Since the window, especially located on the sunny side, would be a bad background for your monitor.

Do not use your computer in a dimly light or dark place. Additional information is available at futurist. Have to be a source of uniform illumination of the entire premises, not just the desktop. Not the last role to prevent eyestrain and is the color of walls in the office. It should not be a contrast to the color screen to dominate or to irritate. Should be fine calm bright cool colors: green, blue, beige. Working on the computer, often blink to mucous eyes are moistened and does not dry. To prevent violations of accommodation (ability to change shape), the lens preferably once in 3 – 5 minutes to look away from the monitor to the farthest object in the room. And finally, every 30-40 minutes, do special exercises for the eyes. To prevent eye fatigue can perform complex of the 5 basic exercises: 1. Horizontal eye movements from right to left, then left to right. 2. Vertical movement eyes – up and down. 3. Rotational eye movements – from left to right. 4. The same movements, but in the opposite direction. then click here. 5. Describe the eyes of the infinity sign in the first one and then in another direction. All exercises carry out sitting or standing, repeating every 15 times