Let's face it: domestic snowmobile "Buran", "Taiga" and "Lynx" – an excellent machine. After reading a stack of literature on repair and having at hand shop with spare parts for domestic snowmobile can be driven for a long time and happily ever after. A crash happened in the woods, they can be repaired directly a log, not caring to damage some cunning electronic chip or break a rare piece plastic. But what about the residents, who can not spend all his time in the garage, not versed in the repair and travels on weekends to go fishing? Of course, the modest purchase of service snowmobile imported good reliability. One of these machines – a popular snowmobile Arctic Cat Bearcat 570, car, which became a bestseller in Russia. This snowmobile – one of the most popular models in our country.

Dealers almost always have all the consumables for these machines, they are simple and inexpensive to maintain, and reviews on Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 from Russian snegohodchikov one of the most positive. And plus everything – it is not as expensive for beginners at the time. And for the person looking after the "Taiga," an inexpensive and reliable foreign cars – a very suitable option. But about all in order. Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 has a two-stroke engine, volume 565 "cubes" with the capacity of 62.6 horsepower.

Cooling system – air. Weight – 300 lbs. The first thing that will please the owner of this newfound raschudesnoy machine – excellent thrust and low fuel consumption: depending on the speed and load it ranges from 15 to 25 liters per 100 kilometers.