Cloud Computing

Best cloud idea and best cloud service wanted the Institute for cloud computing (IfCC) draws together with SAP AG and the IT Forum Rhein-Neckar on November 7, 2011 IM pfalzbau Ludwigshafen for the first time the best ideas and solutions in the field of cloud computing from. Developers and businesses in two price categories can apply. The best cloud idea is sufficient to the creation of a concept to prototype development. The solution must be inserted in the best cloud service, already in at least one company in the normal business operations. The presentation and award the three best submissions per category will be 2011, the first Convention to cloud computing in the metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar, in the framework of the Innovation Forum on the ProCloud. The jury chaired by Prof. Petra Diamonds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Dr. Rainer Hoch is top-class academics, practitioners, and venture capitalists.

For the winners, therefore also support the further development of the projects presented beckons next to the title. Deadline for applications is 14 October 2011. information to the Application and the Congress are available under and. Cloud computing allows users at any time at any place without fuss to the consumption-dependent use of IT resources tailored to the needs. It increases flexibility, protects against technical obsolescence and releases highly qualified IT personnel administration tasks.

The concept will prevail as well because of these advantages in the company but also in the private sector as once the lease. The Institute for cloud computing (IfCC) is dedicated to the target, to meet the demand for knowledge in the field of cloud computing, and to provide cross-cutting information to the planning and implementation of cloud projects available.

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Mobile Computing

The mobile Internet as part of range of mobile computing is strong on the rise. The time for mobile computing seems to be ripe: now it is not only possible to connect to the Internet using laptop and mobile technology UMTS, also the conditions for mobile Internet access are more suitable for the mass market. In contrast to the time three to four years ago, as the Internet of on the road was a very expensive fun and offered to only extremely slow data transfer rates can mobile Internet users today well-maintained UMTS networks and, due to the rapidly growing competition in mobile computing, an increasingly attractive fare structure with now more than benefit an affordable flat-rate offer. The UMTS flat rates in particular the provider are in base (uses the E-plus network) and Moobicent (uses the Vodafone D2 network) resurfaced. But this shows that both differences in the design of their offerings have. During base as a very strong brand much emphasis on communicating the life sense of flat-rate sets the product applied by RadiCens Moobicent as ultimate power flat and as a replacement for DSL fixed access arises. This has several reasons, where the network infrastructure represents an important decision criterion for the mobile Internet: while the network still does not have the data Turbo HSDPA has, with the UMTS again by a factor of up to 20 faster data ready, Vodafone for a long time with excellent values for network expansion and line quality can score. In this area Moobicent is winning so clearly.

Base counters the technical inferiority with the total argument of a lower price. About lower monthly fixed costs all those are addressed, not necessarily but still basically unlimited mobile would like to surf with broadband speed. Nevertheless, E-plus/base has announced as quickly as possible to upgrade its own network to HSDPA. This investment in the triple-digit million range are necessary, but the company thanks to the positive Business development should shoulder without any major problems. F. Fries