a The author considers vocational writer, who in his own opinion should in humility cataloging fond of literature: narrative, poetry and opinion, as a self-taught. Name after which he himself has run alone for days, weeks, months and years. . . In the aforementioned literary career, and in the solitude of class and economics, unprivileged, continued clearing roads rocky, slippery and sometimes bumpy. .

. Although at the end of the day could be due to impassable trails that meander on fruitful paths and rest on the plain: roads full of earnestness, steadfastness and struggle, which seeks to improve and forge, and self-criticism corrected himself a WORKS: having literary author of several novels reflected in narrative: one set in rural citizenship Spanish Civil Postwar, another rural life as of Spanish political transition, one more in the outcome of a premature child orphans, received hospice and miseries of war. In addition to any other set in the current of urban teens and other teen contemporary times: seventies. To his credit there are other related novels evolution of the labor market, production and exploitation of multinationals: narrative. All of them finished or almost finished, some published on the Internet, and unpublished others.

We can also list a couple of booklets of poetry: poems and verses, with addition of eight case studies on major Spanish authors. In addition to several volumes of collected articles of opinion, own, published in various print media and digital electronics. In addition to some other novels in projection, trying on various subjects of fiction, citizenship of urban or rural, very advanced as far as literary-narrative structure is concerned.