More and more the Skateboarding is becoming a fashionable sport. Or it is common to see pass through the streets of the cities people walking in Skateboard or Longboard. And the reality is that it is a good form of transport, is economic and even ecological. But at the time of buying and choosing the suitable patineta, arises the doubts before the great veriedad from marks, models and sizes. The first recommendation that arises is that skate is due to really buy, in a Skate Shop, of wood of maple (preferably, so that it lasts and it has good ” pop”) and not one of juguetera. In order to begin we must know how which is the difference between a Longboard and a Skateboard (Shortboard). The Longboards is generally in the rank of 36″ to 60″. The Skateboards is general assembly signal ” Mini; and they are in a rank of 24″ to 35″.

Now that the companies have improved the quality of bushings and the sizes of trucks, Mini approaches more and more, in sensation, to the Longboards traditional. In which to Skateboards one talks about, it can buy a Complete Skate (already armed, which in English is said: Skateboard Complete) or to arm it by parts (Custom Skateboard). The parts of a Skateboard are: Deck (Table), Trucks (Axes), Wheels (Wheels), Bearings (Bearings), Risers, Hardware (Screws) and Griptape (It binds). Skate complete is going to be economic, mainly because a good table can come Navy with trucks, rulemanes, and wheels of not so good quality Nevertheless I believe that to begin to enter itself in the sport it is a very good alternative, even ideal (in fact there are marks like Mystery that sell complete of super good level but they are more expensive than a World Industries or Speed Demons, others very fashionable are those of the mark Girl and Chocolate). A Skate made Custom always is going to be more perfect skater, but probably he is just a little bit more expensive than the Complete one. Finally, good tip is that there is to choose or the size according to the height or size of the foot of skater this is something or important at the time of learning, because skate of the measurement correct makes but the learning easy. Like gold rule always to try to buy what one needs and not what they want to us to sell.


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