Wedi Panels

Wedi-panel is not just a material, a new technology building and repair work. This material combines several features of application, and that makes it unique. Scope of the panels virtually limitless. It is a manufacturer of walls and partitions, separate independent structures and premises. Due to the zero water absorption, the panels are ideal for creating showers, Turkish baths, saunas, arrangement of bathrooms, basements, etc.

Thanks to specially designed outer layer of the panel is ready for any finishing, and is ideal for laying tiles and mosaics. With a special panel technology can be put in an absolutely different shapes to create designs. Panel of 4-6 mm is suitable for work on the alignment of the walls. Panel size 2.5 * 0.6 meters possible to cover a large area. 10-12,5 mm panel thickness can be used in combination with gypsum, and in many cases to replace him. It is ideal for waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms, showers erection of any shape and size. The panels are fixed on wooden frame with no additional work on the hydro and thermal insulation.

Panel thickness of 20-30 mm can also be used to align all surfaces, including ceiling and floor. These panels have been used successfully as a material for creating structures (bathroom furniture, shelving, bath screens, making the angles and boxes for communications, flower beds, mini-pools, fountains, and finishing loggias and balconies). We should not forget that this panel unusually light 1m2 = 2kg. Of course, all the configuration you create will not require additional water and heat insulation. Scope of the panels 50-80 mm, partitions, walls, showers, Turkish baths. The walls started panels wedi offers the following benefits: breaking strength, quick and easy installation. When working with panels Wedi installation is performed by one, maximum two work takes less time and is practically without waste. Advantages Possibility of manufacturing decorative elements, constructions of all shapes and configurations High heat, sound insulation properties Moisture and paronepronitsaemost High durability under mechanical loads Dehumidification material = 0 Lightweight material 10mm/1m2 = 2.0kg is a carrier material for the creation of structural elements Resistance to temperature extremes, freezing and thawing High adhesive force Easy Do not mount technology combustible material is ecologically friendly, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit toxic substances, even when heated resistant to cycles of freezing and thawing Resistance to temperature extremes ( -50 To +75 C)

Prefabricated Buildings From Sandwich Panels

Among the advantages of sandwich panels – strength, light weight, affordable price and broad scope of application. With the use of roof and wall panels quickly erected comfortable buildings: villas, offices, cabins, construction trailers. Practical industrial structure of the sandwich panels: trade pavilions, refrigerators, car, station to. Prefabricated houses – a frame made of metal, leather wall panels. Similar Building on the reliability is not inferior to brick or concrete counterpart. Prefabricated houses made of sandwich panels go without a deep foundation, and mounting them does not require welding.

If necessary, they are easy to dismantle and re-mount the new location. What is taken into account when dealing with sandwich panels? Specialists are reminded of caution in the process of installation and use of prefabricated buildings. Careless handling can damage sheeting or panel itself. In addition, when non-compliance with technology installation, the joints of wall panels may be frozen. It is important to choose the right filler – they differ in water absorption, frost resistance and resistance to extremes of temperature, sound insulation, water vapor permeability and fire. Now used for construction of sandwich panels with expanded polystyrene (durable, easy-to-treatment), polyurethane (the most effective insulation), mineral wool (non-flammable, environmentally friendly), fiberglass (similar to the mineral wool, but firmer). When using quality materials and the technology of home construction from sandwich panels will be reliable in operation and will last for decades.