New Technology Fasteners

For several millennia construction experienced a sufficient number of changes. Today, the evolution of fasteners and tools continues to evolve: every month there are new store fixture fasteners. This is due to the fact that modern developments in the field of construction and repair require the improvement of old fixtures. Of course, the construction market does not change dramatically, but the innovations it is still being felt. And are These changes usually manufacture of fasteners.

Since the new requirements have made their adjustments, and replace the galvanized items came stainless steel, together with what has changed range of hardware, there was a perforated fasteners. The shops of Moscow fasteners to choose from: stainless steel products, high strength fasteners, rigging, plastic fasteners and rigging. On Web sites, fixing the choice even more. How not to get lost in these updates? Nails are made of heat-treated steel. After heat treatment, it can be attributed to the high-strength fasteners, as it can be driven into concrete or brick wall. In a nail is its size, which shows the diameter and length. Producers fasteners offer nails with smooth and ribbed hat, but choose the nail on the hat is not worth it.

It all depends on individual preferences. Stainless steel fasteners represented a huge range: anchors, rigging, hardware, high-strength fasteners and other types of fasteners. Cross River Bank takes a slightly different approach. Popularity galvanizing eventually falls, as now more and more manufacturers and websites offer is stainless steel fasteners. For stainless steel products include brass fasteners (Copper), high strength fasteners and conventional stainless steel dowels. Note that the price for stainless steel fasteners slightly different from the cost of galvanized hardware. This is because only recently have increased the supply of fasteners China – it is accessible to European counterparts, but quality none the worse. Now the most popular fasteners for panels and supporting modern designs. This large group of high-strength fasteners (Wall anchor fasteners, etc.). It is closely connected with the fact that modern construction technologies dictate different requirements for fasteners.

Welding Electrodes

Electric arc welding has been known to mankind for a long time and was nearing perfection. At the moment, welding can be performed under any climatic conditions, different materials. To carry out any tasks there exist different welding equipment. Very important component of welding equipment are welding electrodes. High-quality alloy and durability of sodium product depend on properly selected electrodes.

Also pay attention to quality, storage and shelf life of electrodes. Failure to observe safety precautions may result in inoperability cooked products. Various types of electrodes due to various technical indicators, which are responsible for performing any tasks. The electrodes consist of a metal rod or wire, that conduct electricity. The composition of the wire depend characteristics of the electrodes. Different electrodes coated and uncoated.

Coated electrodes. To improve the quality of the alloy wire coated with a special compound. Distinguish between certain types of coverage, such as sour, basic, rutile, cellulosic and blended, ionizing and protective. Also distinguish between melting and non-consumable. By the consumable electrode is copper and aluminum. For tig – Tungsten, charcoal. Often the use of carbon electrodes used in the case when important appearance of welding products. Tungsten electrodes are considered to be one of the best classes and types of weld metals. Wolfram maintains its density even at very high temperatures. The weld metal comes from the additional filler materials. Manufacture of electrodes requires a very different process operations as processing materials, and electrodes in general. During welding, the use of tungsten is only hundredth of a gram per 1 weld, despite this, the tungsten electrodes are very stable. Some brands of tungsten electrodes are used during arc welding in inert gas. Quite often the tungsten electrodes used for welding nonferrous metals, and welding metals of different chemical composition. In order to increase strength, improve Indicators seam for universal works in tungsten added some chemicals. Each electrode has its own unique markings. Types of tungsten electrodes: wp, WC-20, WL-15, WL-20, WT-20, WZ-8. And also distinguish between domestic brands electrodes: va, il, superfluorescent fiber and international brands of electrodes: WT-1920, WL-20, WC-20, WZ8, wp, WY-20.

Wedi Panels

Wedi-panel is not just a material, a new technology building and repair work. This material combines several features of application, and that makes it unique. Scope of the panels virtually limitless. It is a manufacturer of walls and partitions, separate independent structures and premises. Due to the zero water absorption, the panels are ideal for creating showers, Turkish baths, saunas, arrangement of bathrooms, basements, etc.

Thanks to specially designed outer layer of the panel is ready for any finishing, and is ideal for laying tiles and mosaics. With a special panel technology can be put in an absolutely different shapes to create designs. Panel of 4-6 mm is suitable for work on the alignment of the walls. Panel size 2.5 * 0.6 meters possible to cover a large area. 10-12,5 mm panel thickness can be used in combination with gypsum, and in many cases to replace him. It is ideal for waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms, showers erection of any shape and size. The panels are fixed on wooden frame with no additional work on the hydro and thermal insulation.

Panel thickness of 20-30 mm can also be used to align all surfaces, including ceiling and floor. These panels have been used successfully as a material for creating structures (bathroom furniture, shelving, bath screens, making the angles and boxes for communications, flower beds, mini-pools, fountains, and finishing loggias and balconies). We should not forget that this panel unusually light 1m2 = 2kg. Of course, all the configuration you create will not require additional water and heat insulation. Scope of the panels 50-80 mm, partitions, walls, showers, Turkish baths. The walls started panels wedi offers the following benefits: breaking strength, quick and easy installation. When working with panels Wedi installation is performed by one, maximum two work takes less time and is practically without waste. Advantages Possibility of manufacturing decorative elements, constructions of all shapes and configurations High heat, sound insulation properties Moisture and paronepronitsaemost High durability under mechanical loads Dehumidification material = 0 Lightweight material 10mm/1m2 = 2.0kg is a carrier material for the creation of structural elements Resistance to temperature extremes, freezing and thawing High adhesive force Easy Do not mount technology combustible material is ecologically friendly, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit toxic substances, even when heated resistant to cycles of freezing and thawing Resistance to temperature extremes ( -50 To +75 C)