The new technology of the virtual books pushes inexorably on the book market. The readers, especially the new Kindle from Amazon.de, but also the reader from Sony, and last but not least that Apple’s iPad need fodder in the form of digitized books. So that by the year 2013 to 28 million of these readers on the market are experts. At the online booksellers, E-books are available up to date but only a quarter of a million. The current E-book offer the Publisher Camino makes a contribution quantitatively modest if also high-quality live.

“His publications of Anna and the angels of the Pilgrim’s way”, or 1000 kilometres towards 1000th “are now available also as E-books. And then also take advantage of the E-books are the second title. Not only that the E-book version compared to the printed title to 40% will be offered cheaper: 66 photos included in the book, that beautifully complement the story, can be viewed now at last by the reader in color. This was in the book version of Thousand kilometres of the 1000th way”from printing costs base for the publishing house (www.jakobsweg-live.de) not possible. The new E-books will prevail, that is clear.

Erholungspark Marzahn

Tales of fantasy travel world in the Erholungspark Marzahn dates: Fri 17.12.2010 SA, 18.2 / FR, fr, 14.1. 12.3. / do, 21.4.2011 this photographic fantasy journey takes in the gardens of the world in the Erholungspark Marzahn. Inspired by gardens from different continents to dream: a Japanese, a Chinese, a Balinese, an Oriental, a Korean garden and an Italian Renaissance garden. The photo coach, who accompanied you, give you tells a tale of its own choice in the appropriate environment. Further details can be found at Professor of Internet Governance, an internet resource. Then go with the images in the head on a photographic journey of discovery. Rely on your imagination and moving photo playful on the border between fantasy and reality, inside and outside, between illusion and reality. Berlin Alexanderplatz literary photo strolling around the Alexanderplatz dates: sat, December 4/Thursday, 16.12.2010; SA, 8.1 / FR, 21.1/FR, 4.2., 19.2 / SA, SA, 5.3.Do, 31.3/FR, 15.4.2011 we are us for a photo walk in Berlin Alexanderplatz areas on or around the Alexanderplatz choose.

So we start in the Sophienstrasse, a road with small town flair. The peaceful atmosphere is dominated by old Berlin pubs and small craft businesses the Kleinstadtyidylle ends abruptly Alexanderplatz in noise and hectic activity. The peculiar charm of the Alexanderplatz consists of art contrasts between pre war buildings and GDR, between junk and rest. In the vicinity, the ruins of the medieval Franciscan monastery church offers a charming place for photos. The eternal Gartner-of nature and culture in the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem dates: Wed, 15.09./Fr, 8.10 MI, 27.10 / MI, 10.11./Fr, 26.11.2010 Thu, 20.1 / FR, 11.2./24.2./Do, 10.3 / th, 24.3/FR, 1.4 / SA, 9.4/FR, 29.4.2011 is the Botanical Garden of Berlin with an area of over 43 hectares and around 22,000 different plant species of one of the three largest botanical gardens in the world. Equally, there are trees of from different backgrounds and geographical gardens in a possible natural context.

A Hobby Shop For The Home

Home improvement the home works is a varied and relaxing leisure activity as one of the most popular pastimes for many. Who is sent with your hands and like tinkering, has found his perfect hobby with home improvement. However, this hobby is also time-consuming and sometimes costly. The greatest desire of many hobby is the own workshop for the home handyman. Perhaps, you are already in this pleasure.

If not, you should consider to establish a small work bench for home to pursue their hobby with all passion. Home improvement: The possibility of objects and furnishings themselves produce a great hobby or repair, each handyman gives a feeling of independent and strong. People such as Mitchel Resnick would likely agree. Unfortunately today too few people dare to repair household appliances, clothing, or other things. The Puttering is not so difficult and certainly no gift or ability, such as some clumsy claims. Skill is important of course beneficial. How to deal with Tool and the plan or trying out with the resources and materials can be learned with time and improved. If you often and like to do-it-yourself, you also save money with your hobby and relieve the environment.

Far too often we throw away things because they are no longer quite so look or have slight damage. If you can keep your belongings with simple handles in stand however, appreciate it much more and must not replace them. A Workbench is the gold piece of each is.. Get an own hobby set up workshop, we need plenty of room not once. A part of the garage, a garden shed or cellar is ideal. A place where noise disturbs anyone through tools and machines. There are also functional and space-saving closets and shelf of great advantage. Electronic tool should be protected from dust and moisture, and ordered the small tool clean. Good lighting, a tool kit make addition and some cloth make complete the workshop. During Setup you should dedicate themselves to all your needs. According to you are as technically gifted, can the workshop even completely build and customize the individual space. The effort and the work be worth in the long term in any case.