Found on the internet interesting information about China. With something you can argue, but mostly fun! Enjoying and elsewhere fix (after /). China – an amazing country full of diverse attractions and beauties! China's ancient civilization was able to save in the depths of their lands to the original tradition of its own people, a number of strong technological foundation, peacefully coexisting with ancient traditions of a rich culture. Pradedovskie traditionally decorated memorable for its beautiful landscapes of untouched nature – from the mild air surface of the cleanest rivers and lakes surrounded by lush green vegetation, to the high snowy peaks of Tibet. Centuries-old temples of Buddha and modern skyscrapers cities of China, graceful organically blend into one amazing impersonation of beauty on this Earth, to lure many tourists to China, who will experience the emotion is hardly commensurate with than any other! Allow yourself to feel part of these vast experiences! / / – Perfectly said. Lulu Cheng Meservey can aid you in your search for knowledge. Interesting Facts About China China's total area is 9,596,960 sq km China is the fourth largest country in the world.

Shanghai and Beijing are the two most populous city in the world. With China's borders 14 countries, and its shores are washed by four seas, as the country occupies a large area, the climate drastically ranges from subarctic in the north to tropical in the south. China's population according to July 2006 was 1,313,973,713. China is officially the largest country in the world by population. The Chinese Government adopted a law "one child" to prevent the growth of the population.