A Governing Committee shall direct the SGAE from next July 12, date until which Teddy Bautista will remain as head of the Board of Directors. Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Juan Ignacio Alonso, Caco Senante and Sabino Mendez, Member of the Board of Directors, explain the performance of the new team. Teddy Bautista acquiesced, authorized and prompted the diversion of funds from the SGAE. Who’s who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Communique of the General Society of authors to the public. Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) has decided to set aside its functions to the alleged ringleader of the case Saga, Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri, director of the subsidiary digital SGAE (SDAE), although it insists that it be taken into account his presumption of innocence. This agency has announced in a press conference that the new Board of Directors of the SGAE, formed by artists such as Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Sabino Mendez, Caco Senante and Jose Ignacio Alonso has appeared. The Board policy has announced the creation on July 12 of a Governing Committee which will assume the functions of its Board of Directors and internal the initiation of an investigation to verify the alleged diversion of funds.

Teddy Bautista will remain at the disposal of the new governing Commission, which will have power to dismiss him, so it will continue provisionally until July 12 as Chairman of the Board of direction of the SGAE. Teddy Bautista thinks neither resign nor us have invited him to resign, he has clarified Caco Senante, who has been surprised by the fact that judicial intervention was the next day of elections in the SGAE. For his part, singer Victor Manuel, who has been in charge of reading the communique of the SGAE, pointed out that the Governing Committee will be directed by an external, independent person and recognized prestige and composed by four authors and an editor, elected by the Board of Directors. Read more from Professor of Internet Governance to gain a more clear picture of the situation.