Ourselves and our new partner buy the gold for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA once a month and generate so everyone min. 9% Commission so 13.5 cents. Through this single purchase which we and our partners about our StupkWorld online department stores have made, we get paid a total 5.4 cents as Commission from StupkWorld. This sounds and is not really much, at that time still no profit. We have to pay so to speak only 5.4 cents of less for our 1.5 euro shopping (or about 3.6% of the cost of purchasing). But we continue to play this example once: example 2) as our new StupkWorld partner happy and much with other people maintains and of StupkWorld is very enthusiastic and we attack him a little bit under the arms, touting a new partner who is also thrilled this again and us with still a partner in the second level and so on, and so on.

At the end of the week we’re so partner with 4 new StupkWorld in our downline: you / you / I partners 1 partners 2 partners 3 partners 4 each of us StupkWorld enthusiastic buys every month again for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA gold for world of Warcraft and generates so of these 1,50 min 9% as already described Commission 20% to your own account and runs up to 4 levels above us each with a 20% on the account of the sponsors. (1.50 euro shopping) x 0.09 = 13.5 cents 13.5 cents x 0.2 = 2.7 cents to 2.7 cents x 5 (4 x by the partners in our 4 planes) and 1 x by ourselves = 13.5 cents. ConocoPhillips is the source for more interesting facts. Again not much, but at least we have refinanced our monthly gold purchase as it to 9%. Example 3) how many StupkWorld partner we need so the cost of our monthly gold purchase to cover? It’s simple. 1.50 euro must be covered. Every 1.50 euro brings us 2.7 cents purchases through the online stores of our partners StupkWorld.

150 / 2.7 55,5. 55 1/2 1.50 = purchases at the MMOGA in a month! Sounds extremely much, can be represented but also easier: how long will you can need to inspire 3 partner for StupkWorld and explain that you buy their monthly purchases such as clothing, toiletries etc through their online store saving time and money? I not long needed. If we once 3 partners, we fall under the arms. Our partner 70% would not even advertise as we so many new partners! We have recruited 3 partner if this back 2 win and their partners back then we will be 2 using 58 partners including ourselves emerge that maybe all are paid 1.50 a month with 9% Commission. We are so (150 x 0, 09 x 0, 2 x 58) at the end of the month have 1.57 euros commissions on our StupkWorld account. And with only 3 referrals partners a shopping a month for free”. Is a better examples for the calculation of commissions? I think this example itself is very bad. We need to be able alone over 55 partners that same shopping posted to this shopping as ourselves (even make or advertise in their online store), at the end of the month as profit. I would appreciate better examples, better experience! Here in the comments or even better on my blog

Elderly People and Technology

Online to make money, by a direct formula for the application is an 84-year-old great-grandmother was able to pay for the wedding of her grandson with the money the 84-year-old great-grandmother Clarisse from Queensland, Australia, shocked their entire environment, as she told how her two months to 26,000 Australian dollar came. With the money she paid for the wedding of her grandson. In a never as unprecedented event, the Lady later admitted that she had never believed that money could you let alone, these sums of money earn on the Web. I’ve made money”never so quickly, explains, I’ve worked hard for what I have”. “I’ve still never seen anything, why should I not try it”. Clarisse went into retirement 20 years before.

Every day she do their daily tasks and look after their grandchildren. Three years ago, she had contact with a computer for the first time as one of their grandchildren told her a very popular social network. I thought that I do so with my Grandchildren could have more contact. As a result my life has been easier”. Afterwards, she began to write emails and finding their own statement of stuff on Google for loud. The Internet filled a gap in my life, I learned how to use it, and my day was entertaining”. It was last year, when she took an interest for how she could make money from home.

“I thought that I can use some of my time and in addition to earning a bit of money”. Later, she said she was overwhelmed by so much information. It seemed all too good to be true. Money making online was easy, but how did you? One evening”she remembers, I looked at my Facebook page, and saw an advertisement in the upper corner. My attention has been on the advertising, because she promised a way simply to make money, even if you have no idea”. I clicked just, to appease my curiosity”. She added: when I read the page, I could Unable to determine if all fraud was, or whether everything made sense. I remember that I at least three hours looked through the website and tried to decide whether there is something suitable for me or not. It all seemed very easy and most of all it was free”Clarisse decided to try it out. She could not lose. It all started slowly. In the first days, she earned $27, but it was the most incredible $27, that she had ever earned. I could not believe it. I was aware that there were only 27 dollars, but I could not understand how easy it was to make fast money online”. A few weeks later she had taken already 690 dollars. A month later, there were 2400 dollars. Today, Clarisse lives with all comforts in Queensland. She is a pensioner. She spends her time in Facebook to maintain contact with her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren to look, and if she wants, she, returns to earn a few thousand dollars, on the website, which changed her life. I can do things now “make, that I for my family hope”. That was their story. Clarisse, a great-grandmother, who at the age of 84 has learned, how she can make money online and in four months has earned much more, than some people in an entire year. You must have seen it, to believe it!

The First Press For Restaurateurs

Gastronews is the first portal for exclusive & latest press releases from the hospitality industry. Other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil offer similar insights. By restaurateurs, for gourmets & night Schwaermer! Press & public work belong to the success of a catering business, as well as a high-quality cuisine and excellent service. GastroPR now offers an efficient and effective solution for all food service providers. The Portal provides clear and relevant news, directly from the source, the restaurateurs. The news will be targeted and concentrated on and speak directly to the desired target group.

Thus the customers quickly and easily all information about locations and services in their city, rather than to replant themselves by confusing portals. Restaurateurs can book a variety of media services on GastroPR: integration of photos and links, subscriptions, and in addition to current press releases exclusive press news on favourable terms. In addition to the personal service such as final editing or creating articles,. “ offers tips for creating press releases, the possibility of banner advertising for suppliers and restaurateurs, as well as the option of an entry in who of who” directory of gastronomy for Germany. Also combination packages at affordable prices can be booked on request.

PCs Computype

As the saviors of TippTopia have a quick feeling of success and are still motivated the next day to continue the mission and to learn typing. Each module concludes with a comprehensive report, in which details of errors and typing speed are represented graphically. Parents are regularly informed about the success of children by E-Mail, can view the current progress but also at any time online. Three free sample lessons children in Germany can be once an image from the tutorial along with their parents. There is a service desk available for questions and technical support. knowledge..

The ticket system guarantees a response within 24 hours. TippTopia can be activated under for the introductory price of 79,-Euro instead of 144,95 EUR. The offer is valid until September 30 printable image material available 2011. on request under. For more information see founded company about Computype Romer van Bavel, 1986 to Netherlands the Computype Training Institute. At this time, Computype offered at universities and secondary schools tip courses with the mechanical typewriter.

While PCs more and more replaced the typewriter, Computype has developed the first teaching method in the ten-finger type on the computer together with a specialist for artificial intelligence. The latest result of the continuous work is the Web-based typing tutor TippTopia on. TippTopia is an educational game that teaches the ten-finger writing blind children in 20 modules. It offers the course over 33 hours of learning fun. Next to the tap itself, children learn the correct body and finger posture to avoid health damages when working on the computer. The typing tutor is available in the Netherlands since 2008 under. There, over 18,000 children have passed the tip course with a diploma.

Cloud Computing

OpenSimulator and 3D as a main challenge for cloud computing and Supercomputing hot topic at this year’s Supercomputing Conference in Portland: Intel gets the 3D Internet and OpenSimulator of the killer app for cloud-based Supercomputing. At home in Germany: TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. exactly the the 3D with OpenSimulator on cloud computing – provides already for the practice. At the opening of the SC09, Intel’s head of Technologe called Justin Rattner the 3D as a main challenge for the cloud and Supercomputing. At the same time he was the 3D-Server OpenSimulator world public opinion and with Professor Crista Lopes one of the core developers of the ambitious open source project. OpenSimulator is still in development: the OpenSource Server provides similar possibilities such as the 3D world second life for enterprises, training or entertainment, but already now much beyond this. Cloud computing means for TalentRaspel customers in the industrial, academic or private use by virtual worlds in particular: grids of all sizes are cheaper, more stable and faster. The virtual server of the TalentRaspel cloud computing same “Super cases”, in which all utensils perfectly and automatically fit: every corner of the hardware is fully exploited, so that better fit more offers than in hard case unpacking by hand.

A such uniform “Super case” can easily be copied: eliminated the tedious setup and installation for the operator. The grid administrator can manage his virtual universe comfortably and safely via a centralized system management. In the near future, also a portal system is available about man – can order 3D worlds with Web space – like today, set up, and manage. TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. brings together cloud computing, OpenSimulator and the 3D Internet – hosting for the Web of tomorrow today! In 2011

“An overview of the new features the ‘ AG i.Gr.” in 2011 on the one, there will be many joint ventures. The first begin as early as February. In addition, the new version comes 3.0 “on the market, with the money to earn or be easier and more efficient. However, the central project for the year 2011 is the so-called market-dominance system”? This is a new package for experienced marketers and entrepreneurs who want to lift up into the ranks of the top earners. Finally, an Internet Marketing Conference will take place in April 2011. Venue is the new headquarters of the AG Berlin i.Gr. “.” Already in May 2010 the first of these events in Germany took place.

At that time, over 100 participants met in Stuttgart. The project was a great success. Much knowledge was collected and mediated. The negotiations regarding the merger between “by Siegmar Buhrle and by Heiko were successful in 2010 Hausler, culminating at the turn of the year in the merger. Both entrepreneurs are now represented in the Board of AG. Anyone interested can purchase shares in one of the leading Internet companies in the field of marketing in this respect.

On shows how to on the Internet is the easiest and most effective”can permanently to earn money. Heiko Hausler itself advertises on the portal with monthly sales of 47.052 “euro. This is within everyone’s reach, as long as he put with decisiveness and the will. Indeed, Mr Hausler admits later that earnings would be only at 20,000 euros in bad months. These transactions are however for the Otto-normal consumers still a utopian area, with a normal”profession is certainly not to reach. But Heiko Hausler is by far not the only one who could drive up profits at such altitudes. Succeeded Mario Schneider, for example, as a newcomer in only a year, generating more than 100,000 euro and with only 21 Years. In particular, you can find a perfect niche in the tightly contested market of Internet marketing is crucial to money income of this quality according to the corporate philosophy of How this works best, is presented through detailed explanations by means of comprehensive and easy-to-understand teaching materials. In addition, there is a complete software for all necessary processes and operations. In this way it was possible, successfully establishing an own professional future in the Internet and really making money many people in the year 2010”. With strengthened team and new vigour, the AG for the year 2011 aims to increase the previously obtained results and profits again.