Inertia Aircraft

Transportation problem (the problem of freight and passengers from one side of the planet to another) before humanity becomes every year more acute. Suffice it to mention usual traffic jams. Known technical solution is the distribution of traffic is not on the plane, and in terms of (road junctions, underground), that is, in some levels. Also, the problem is solved and in the air (Altitudinal corridors). The most promising in our opinion is to create a personal aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. One type of such vehicles with engine inertia – inertsionolet. Read more here: Eliot Horowitz. It is understood that the main engine of the aircraft is not reactive, not the photon or ion, and with the use of inertial thrust.

Its advantage include inertial engine starts from the medium, not based on She, in fact – it is desirable to give an aircraft a spherical shape to reduce friction with the environment. In addition, inertsionolet not tied to a particular kind of environment: it can move under water, and in air and in outer space. It’s enough to supply the aircraft with two engines. One would be to ask the flight altitude above sea level, another march to move the apparatus at this altitude. New Engines type – Inertia – developed long ago. There are models in which the fluid circulates in a closed tube, curved in a spiral pattern in a few turns and connected through the pump. Learn more at: Rick Garcia. Efficiency of this model is too low even for movement on the surface, not to mention the rise of the aircraft in the air.

More promising model proposed engineer VN Tolchin in the 30s. In the Internet today that serves the mass of material about his work, as well as the current model of the video. The failure to implement the inertial motors associated with retardation of physical theory of motion of bodies in a gravitational field, and the only practical experience can show the way of creating such aircraft. Physics of the body in a gravitational field is based on Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Inertial force has been introduced artificially and, in fact, is a superposition of other forces. If you terminate pulse on the body, it is assumed that the body moves under the force of inertia. But in fact the body of accumulated energy during the force and then, after the termination of the power it consumes is commensurate with the rest mass of the body. That have to stop his body weight was greater. And the cumulative weight and was the cause of motion without the force. For this reason, perhaps to change a lot of body movement, thus building inertsioidy (aircraft engine inertia type). This type of movement is not based on the interaction of the masses, which in itself is promising for the closed system.


To ensure timely watering, so even with the at regular intervals and save limited amounts of water we would just need a manual controller GALCON. By programming it on a convenient schedule, it will open and close the flow of water without human presence. In addition, often in towns rather worn-out water supply system. Weak pumps and increased demand for water in the summer leads to the fact that the pressure in the pipes during the day disappears, and the water stops come to the site, coming back late at night or early morning. GALCON controller will also be indispensable in this case, if you program it to early morning or at night. So, having understood the technique of You can proceed directly to the installation of drip system.

In our opinion, for the amateur gardener can use two types of compounds, using conventional plastic tube 16 or the diameter of the pipe using a diameter of 1 inches and larger. Consider the case mounted by means of a start-connectors. Start connectors through the rubber gasket is inserted into a hole in the pre-rassverlennoe tube D-15mm. It is worth recalling again that the pipe should be plastic and its diameter must not be less than 1 inch. In a metal tube formed with the time rust, which can clog the dropper. And at the price of plastic pipe is cheaper and more convenient. It, if necessary, can be easily move to another place on the site. In the autumn hoses are easily removed from the tees and removed for winter storage.

It must be remembered that the hoses need to use the black or opaque material, such as photography, green. Under the action of sunlight in the clear water hose starts to 'bloom', and this may lead to clogging of drippers. Another advantage, which has a drip. Of each infusion formed a circle with a diameter humidity 30 – 40cm. Thus, when the planting of seedlings, we can take this into account and making the distance between rows of 40cm can be put on a drip line 2 rows. Thus, with one drop tape, we can be poured at once 2 rows of plants. Important role in the development and maturation of plants is the timely application of fertilizer. Traditional, 'by eye', not a very good option. Additionally, you can kill the plant incorrectly calculated the amount of fertilizer. There are other nuances. We offer a proportional pump – dispenser MixRite. It works without electricity and only under the pressure of the water. Putting on a percentage dispenser ready solution, the water is mixed with liquid fertilizer in the correct proportions and dropping the tape is applied directly to plant roots. The absence of water on the leaves of plants and waterlogging is beneficial to the development of the fruit. Berries grow clean and healthy. In addition, the absence of water between the rows does not cause the growth of weeds.