The rest of the "branches" extending from the root. Do not confuse the root directory (root in English) with the root account, or root directory, / home / root. Filter Within Evolution, a filter is a method to sort the mail automatically. You can create filters to perform one or more actions on a message that meets any (or all) of the requirements of a wide range of criteria. Forward the user can send a message to a third party who originally was sent to him. Workgroups Workgroups is a term that describes the application that helps groups of people to work together.

Typically, this application several productivity tools integrated into one program. Haiku A traditional Japanese form of poetry. The poems are three lines, where the first and last have five syllables, and the second line has seven syllables. Markup Language HTML Hyper-text (HTML) is a language to describe the shape of the page electronic documents as web pages, help files and email messages. The HTML can be used in email and newsgroups to insert images or format text hotkey hotkeys are used keyboard combinations to perform actions on the computer instead of using the mouse to the same action. The hotkeys can accelerate the use of the computer. iCal iCal is a program that uses Evolution to manage the calendar section. Depending on who ask IMAP, IMAP Access Protocol means the Internet Mail or Mail Access Protocol temporarily. Whatever that means, lets you access mail that is typically (but not always) stored remotely on the server instead of local hard disk.