Now, many are placed in the kitchen televizor.Soglasites second, it is very easy – look out for a meal or during cooking film of the series. Enormous difficulties encountered in the old days pripopytke fix tv on the wall, as because of its volume prihodilossozdavat shelves, sometimes mutilate the whole interior. But there were lcd TVs and plasma displays, but because etaproblema solves itself, because the rear surface special designed attachment enables the prosteyshegoploskogo bracket securely to any flat tv poverhnosti.Snyat tv with a mounting just as easy, but the accidental drop egos walls are not threatened in any case because the original system of locks. Mounted on the wall, as a rule, universally. There are systems that let you change the angle of inclination screen. Etoysistemoy enjoy not only the fans of the tv screens, and computer scientists – ustanovkamonitora on the wall saves space on your desk. Nastennoekreplenie often used in conference halls and discos – Anywhere, gdeneobhodimo convey to the audience or that video information.