Surge Protection

Nowadays, electrical networks in all regions of Russia are obsolete and are working to the limit. The load on the network increased by several times. As a result of frequent electricity outages. High or low voltage surge, Flash off – with all this consumer is already familiar. Computers, audio-video systems, televisions, many models of home appliances with microprocessors, not only can not operate correctly, but be rendered unusable due to power anomalies.

Sudden power outages not only dangerous for your computer, but for an ordinary tv, vcr, refrigerator, etc., as tripping accompanied by a cast of current and voltage (impulse noise). Many of you know firsthand about the burnt as a result of power outages technique. In many countries, to protect the power supply used stabilizers voltage, high voltage circuit breakers. Low blood pressure – the most common cause of poor power supply. The most common cause of low voltage – deficit electricity, which is especially typical for the winter months when the majority of the population includes heaters. Long-term operation technique, which has in its structure an electric motor in a low voltage leads to accelerated wear of components, and in some cases it is possible not only serious damage but fire the device.

How to protect yourself? Voltage regulators provide protection against such in power. They line the line voltage to a normal level (220 + / – 5%). Increased tension. Very often it is – a consequence of an emergency condition of the wiring in their homes. "Zero burning" occurs as a result of disconnection of the total null wire, when the neighboring phases are under a voltage of 380 V. Often dangerous high voltage occurs on the network because of incorrect switching wires. High voltage leads to irreversible consequences for the equipment. The probability of a fire. How to protect yourself? In the event of a dangerous level of the supply voltage close to 380, a voltage regulator to protect, disable the user from the emergency power supply. But if the consumer has a large Part-time voltage within the normal 220 + / -10%, there is no reason to buy an expensive surge protector. Correct to install high-voltage circuit breaker, which will ensure effective protection at low cost. In the event of a network voltages above 255 V it "soft" disconnect the load from the network. Circuit breakers are mechanical, and electronic type.

Unconventional Arrangement

Now, many are placed in the kitchen televizor.Soglasites second, it is very easy – look out for a meal or during cooking film of the series. Enormous difficulties encountered in the old days pripopytke fix tv on the wall, as because of its volume prihodilossozdavat shelves, sometimes mutilate the whole interior. But there were lcd TVs and plasma displays, but because etaproblema solves itself, because the rear surface special designed attachment enables the prosteyshegoploskogo bracket securely to any flat tv poverhnosti.Snyat tv with a mounting just as easy, but the accidental drop egos walls are not threatened in any case because the original system of locks. Mounted on the wall, as a rule, universally. There are systems that let you change the angle of inclination screen. Etoysistemoy enjoy not only the fans of the tv screens, and computer scientists – ustanovkamonitora on the wall saves space on your desk. Nastennoekreplenie often used in conference halls and discos – Anywhere, gdeneobhodimo convey to the audience or that video information.