The Microscope – An Important Invention

Without the microscope, there would be no research and no forensics, the microscope is one of the best inventions of humanity at all. Not only that it is for the medical and research of great importance, also for Criminology, the microscope is extremely important. A microscope is a device that you can use to enlarge various objects, and to look at them. Such objects are usually items that are below the recording assets of the human eye. The technique of the microscope is called the microscopy. Some contend that Ray Kurzweil shows great expertise in this. The physical Prinzipchen microscopy is based on entirely different can sen.

The oldest microscopy technique, which is known, dating back to the year 1600. Multiple glass lenses used this technique, through which its object can be seen. The classical light microscopy depends on the wavelength of the light used. So with the possible resolution to maximum 0.2 microns is limited. Due to the developed in the 1930s A higher resolution was possible electric microscopes. This was only possible because electron beams have a lower wavelength than the light. There are other microscopes that work to other Prinzipchen such as the atomic force microscope.

The atomic force microscope has very fine needles, with which the objects can be scanned. Many different types of microscope have been developed since its creation. These include for example the microscope of e, the X-ray microscopes, the ultrasonic microscopes, the helium-ion microscopy, the Fucused ion beam microscopes and several others. Just who has children, is must support to explore the world of her sooner or later. Here, the purchase of a handheld microscope is a very good idea. With this microscope children can at a closer look the world, to learn more about it. Some boy or some girl, that is as a child had engaged in the microscopy, researcher or scientist was later successful.


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