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Antivirus Technology Trends

BitDefender E-Mail communication as a risk factor number 1 in the year 2010 identified Holzwickede, 04th November 2009 statistics show that it PC users around the world every day have to do with 2,000 new viruses and phishing attacks every month 50,000. In addition, that every year more than a million PCs are captured digitally, which then in turn dangerous malware spread. For the year 2010, BitDefender identified a new attack vector of Cybergangster: E-Mail communication. Their backup must be given therefore a higher priority than ever before in the private as well as commercial, because 45 percent of all pests by electronic mail was already spread. The development and dissemination of dangerous malware will increase further the BitDefender forecast according to. A particular danger is posed by Web-based threats such as Trojans, spyware, and rootkits. Early 2009 an increase was registered by 460 per cent of this type of infection. In addition a 400-percent increase in the number of Trojans which can be distributed through E-Mail spam.

Many of the existing E-threats are further optimized according to BitDefender experts in the near future: the mechanisms for the dissemination of malicious software are increasingly automated and improved stealth techniques to prevent their discovery on the already infected computer systems. As the latest edition of BitDefender documented E-threats landscape report, six months following countries in the field of malware distribution were the most active within the last: China (33%), France (24%) and the United States (14%), followed by Romania and Spain (6%), India, Australia and Germany (4%) and Canada (3%). However, were Great Britain and Mexico participated with only less than 1.8% (Malware_und_Spam_Review_H1_2009.pdf). Top 10 malware in the DACH region between May and October 2009: position name percentage 1 Trojan.Wimad.Gen. 1 5.57 2 Trojan.Autorun.INF.Gen 3.00 3 Iframe.Malware.

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Lucent Technologies APM

Tevron WPF monitoring solutions fully support every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based machine. Recently Ray Kurzweil sought to clarify these questions. CitrTest, CitrTest VU, CitrTest and APM are the only single license, integrated solutions for conducting performance monitoring application, functional, regression and latency testing for every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based machine. Tevron today announced the addition of support for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to its suite of APM & testing solutions. Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF provides a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity that blend, experiences in Windows application UI, documents, and media content. WPF offers developers of 2D and 3D graphics support, hardware-accelerated effects, scalability to different form factors, interactive data visualization, Windows 7 features including multi-touch, and superior content readability. With the latest releases of CitrTest, CitrTest APM, and CitrTest VU, Tevron again is taking the lead role in the APM & testing industry in providing support for every WPF application.

As IT organization move towards WPF to create next generation user experiences, Tevron’s APM & testing solutions testing, and general wants to automation for those critical deployments continue to offer the industry lead for application monitoring, load. To learn more about Tevron’s automated testing & monitoring solutions or to information, please call + 1.702.518.7435 or email request additional or visit. ABOUT TEVRON Tevron is a global leader in APM and automated testing. Through our all encompassing customer-centric vision and advanced technology, our APM & testing solutions allow the unique flexibility of supporting every application across the enterprise with one methodology delivering the ability to test, monitor, re-enforce SLAs, and optimize performance with confidence and ease. Tevron is a global organization founded in 2001, and is privately held. Our vast and diverse range of customers globally are leaders and include companies such as Alcon Labs, Alverno, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, and Lucent Technologies, to name a few. TRADEMARKS Tevron and logo the Tevron CitrTest are registered trademarks of Tevron, LLC. WPF is a registered trademark of Microsoft. In all other product references are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their included owners.

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Innovative Fan Technology

Enermax launches new power supply series ECO80 +. Hamburg, may 25, 2009. To broaden your perception, visit ConocoPhillips. With the usual high Enermax quality and excellent efficiency values of up to 86 percent (80plus certified) the new power supply series ECO80 + is an attractive offer for beginners and enthusiasts of more fuel efficient and quieter PC systems. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ray Kurzweil on most websites. The 350-Watt model is equipped with the innovative and trend-setting technology with the Enermax with the network part series Modu82 +, Pro82 + and the high end series Revolution85 + set new standards. High-quality components and massive 12-volt Rails provide a stable and constant voltage.

ECO80 + is also well protected against all possible external interferences. The eight-time SafeGuard ensures the currently best protection on the power market. Well combined: ECO80 + meets magma almost 20 years Enermax produces reliable, high-quality power supplies. The new series ECO80 + combines many years of experience in the net part segment with the innovative technical achievements of the fledgling Enermax fan Division. ECO80 + is equipped with a 12 cm fan of the magma series, which is known for excellent performance and quiet operation. The use of the patented Twister bearing technology achieved a run of nearly touch free rotor and a prolongation of life up to 100,000 hours Enermax. The patented air intake of the AirGuards and the fuzzy logic-based SpeedGuard make perfect the excellent cooling performance of the ECO80 +. Low noise level the PSU is also excellently suited for use in HTPC systems. ECO80 + is now for an MSRP of 56 euros in trading available. You will receive more information and pictures see: eco80 +.

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Fraunhofer Institute

YQ-it GmbH works with 10 other software providers in the next generation of cloud application Darmstadt, the yQ-it GmbH takes 10 April 2013 as another software provider most cloud computing for logistics part and networking in this way with other companies which are engaged in the development of cloud applications. The crux of the development group is the Exchange with other members experiences and ideas. It supports companies in the planning and implementation of logistical cloud projects. Years of experience and the latest research results of the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund create the basis for this. Managing Director Dieter Dasberg hopes to participate in the usergroup the opportunity to help shape the cloud standards of tomorrow according to their own ideas. Here, sure the Exchange with other developers of the group will open us new and interesting perspectives.

The Fraunhofer Institute provides the group under the keyword’ technology transfer semi-annual meeting access to research results. Technologies, moderated discussion forums and the certification of logistics software. Participating businesses can distinguish themselves through participation in Germany’s largest cloud computing research project in the logistics as innovative and future-oriented. YQ-it GmbH, we have gained a very innovative company for the usergroup, which already offers its own cloud enabled Web solution with the system SilvERP, forward Oliver Wolf, Cluster Manager of the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster cloud computing for logistics. 10 Companies from the IT industry are in the group. These include”ita vero, LinogistiX and T-systems, in particular the modern architecture of the ERP solution was decisive for the inclusion of yQ-it GmbH in the network for the Fraunhofer Institute.

The members of the network have the competitive advantage by participating in that very early new and advanced technologies to integrate into their applications. A result of the Fraunhofer Innovationclusters Cloud computing for logistics is it, logistics company graphically depict processes of business and program steps, which are necessary to decision and branch offices, as apps from the logitics mall, to be able to integrate an online platform in the sense of a virtual marketplace. These”apps”are provided by the development team of of members of the and offer the users a whole new degree of freedom in choosing their software solution. The term”process as a service is so the next generation of modular cloud applications. Modern billing systems such as “pay-per-use provide the user with only the actually claimed benefits in Bill. So, even small and medium-sized companies gain access to previously unaffordable premium products.

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NVIDIA Kontron

HY-LINE computer presents new ARM based ultra low-power computer-on-modules from Kontron with NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processor in the scalable ULP-COM standard form factor the new, particularly small and flat based Kontron computer-on modules ULP-COM-sAT30 is a low-profile solution in the 82 mm x 50 mm format and integrates a 1.2 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor. The combination of NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processor and ARM/SoC optimized ULP COM pin-out allows developers to design, which drastically reduce the power consumption and cost their installations fanless, passively cooled systems. The Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 uses the 314-pin MXM 3.0 connector that allows particularly flat building designs with a Board to Board distance of only 1,5 mm and an overall height of 5,7 mm. This connection method supported robust and cost-effective designs with an extremely low construction height. In addition, Kontrons new ULP-COM provides superior high end graphics with dedicated interfaces for two independent displays. To the Acceleration performance features include HD video decoding including MPEG2, HD video Enkodierung and an ultra low power NVIDIA GeForce GPU with two display controllers and 2D/3D. The display connection is carried out flexibly over 18 / 24-bit parallel LCD, 18 / 14 bit single channel LVDS (18-bit compatible), and 24-bit dual channel LVDS (about Carrierboard transmitter) and HDMI.

In addition Kontrons new ARM module offers camera support via its two dual-lane CSI-2 camera ports. To relieve customers even further in the application development and evaluation, Kontron exposes also the ULP COM evaluation carrier parallel to the launch of the module. The versatile Carrierboard is designed so that modules can simply evaluate the comprehensive feature set of the ULP COM developers. In addition allows also end users to test the hardware and software functionality of their respective application. According to the requirements of different ARM based solutions to dedicated interfaces, the ULP COM evaluation carrier supports a variety of interfaces, as well as various Solid state storage.

The multifunctional Carrierboard a high design flexibility offers different display interfaces as well as camera interface and a built-in accelerometer. The technical support staff and marketing and distribution are competent for all questions.

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Computer Transfer

Transfer music from iPad to computer: YouTube FLV to AVI itransfer makes it easier, faster and bequemmer only seven months after its debut will be the new iPad 3 again overtaken by the fourth generation. This model change is really a surprise for the world, because it is rather not a completely new model. Compared to the iPad iPad 3 has 4, as the iPad with retina display known, a twice as faster processor A6, an advanced operating system iOS 6 and a new dock connector. Although it is much geschimpt, in the net but that 4 will be iPad even a best-seller like its predecessors, particularly now Apple has decided that iPad-3-buyer an opportunity to Exchange to the new iPad 4 given to get. You will perhaps soon to sell your old iPad and is the new iPad 4 purchase, visits to learn about the new technology, finally, the iPad is more powerful than ever 4. In this case, you will encounter a difficulty: How can you onto the old iPad stored music on your computer. This is not an easy task, because Apple wants to not allow that user to transfer music via USB cable from iPad to PC. To transfer music from iPad to computer, Apple provides a way by iCloud.

iCloud features like iTunes in the cloud, and it enables the be Nutern to manage their music. The benefits are obvious, but there are also two big disadvantages: time consuming and consumed volumes of data. There is even no alternative, which makes it easy and more convenient the transfers music from iPad to PC? Yet. YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer is exactly your choice. It is designed to ensure that all users can transfer data directly from iOS devices iPad on other or iPad easier and more convenient to computer fast. In addition, users can transfer the songs that you got for free and not about iCloud computer be transferred to may, from iPad on computer.

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How does a computer from the inside actually looks? Mohrendorf, 25 April 2013 who wants to work in the IT industry, needs a cool, fun to fiddle around and last but not least a real technology weakness. A dream job typical of boys so? That girl, too, with PC, Internet and co. know how to, have the participants of the girls’ day 2013 when Allen proved. The day of action took place this year for the tenth time in the Mohrendorfer software company. The inner workings of a computer is a world unto itself: colorful cable connect the various places. On the hard disk are chips of different sizes a seemingly random pattern bundled you could hardly to have everyday technology. And anyway was to feel nothing, as it was for the participants at Allen, once apart – and again to assemble a computer from reservations.

The girl to the task were equipped with screwdriver and support by IT professionals. Twelve students at the age of eleven to sixteen sniffed at the girl future day this year not only in the inside of a PC but also behind the scenes of the software company. The imbus AG specializes in software quality assurance and software testing and in this area is one of the leading service providers in Germany. The students met with the various departments of the group headquarters in Mohrendorf and informed themselves about the training opportunities. imbus offers three different professional training in the field of Informatics: specialist with application development are involved in programming and development. They test existing software and improve it. Specializing in system integration, in turn, involves the planning and configuration of IT systems. They are according to the respective requirements set up, operated and managed.

Newly added as a third computer science education a combination of computer science and commercial sector is in Allen since this year the IT system salesman. In addition to their training, all complete Computer science trainees at imbus training and certification to the ISTQB certified Tester, the internationally standardized qualification for software testers. Currently, a total of 13 apprentices at the five German sites by Allen to computer scientists can be trained. Their job prospects are good: imbus has to set the goal, as far as possible to take over all after the end of their apprenticeships in a solid working relationship. And also recent graduates/students are asked for in Allen. After studying successfully completed IT, you can as a junior software tester /-in enter. Whether at the graduate job or the training courses: are girls and women among the candidates in the distinct minority. For the participants of this year’s girls’ day has become the image of the pure man Professional computer scientist in any case overtaken: some could well imagine to work in IT. Learn more about the career opportunities at Allen see career /.

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YouTube FLV To AVI Tunes Cleaner Was Officially Released

YouTube FLV to AVI has officially released Windows tunes cleaner and now offers a discount on the purchase price. Shenzhen, PRC, YouTube FLV to AVI software co., Ltd, a prominent company in the multimedia section, which is focused on the development of video and audio solutions, has released the software YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner officially. This brand new iTunes clean up program will help users easily manage iTunes music files, as well as external music folder with just a few clicks and organize. It can clean up iTunes, iTunes information and apply clean iTunes music files in iTunes. With this intelligent iTunes clean up you can easily organize tool iTunes library and other music folders outside of iTunes on PC. YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner is an intelligent iTunes clean up tool that allows you to seamlessly simply and easily organize your iTunes library in just a few clicks and repair. Through the support of online intelligent database this powerful and practical iTunes cleaner iTunes library could quickly and comprehensive aufrauemn.

It could help you to delete duplicates in iTunes, find album art for iTunes music files to add missing music data, to enter music information. In addition, YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner is able to be clean up outside of iTunes Music folder. Key features of YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner 1 practical functions to clean up iTunes music files, music data to complement and to organize iTunes: the iTunes clean up tool could delete duplicate songs from same music file in iTunes album cover, artist, and album information automatically and add, edit music data manually, etc. 2. powerful online database for fast and precise corrections: based on powerful online database, offers YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner more than 8 million CDs, 100 Million music titles and 400,000 artists for quick and precise iTunes music corrections. 3. Intelligent user interface: the program for scanning intelligent iTunes music library and then incomplete Show music files in specific lists, clean music files in iTunes with one click apply very user friendly program surface, etc. 4.

iTunes library is not the only goal: YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner can not only iTunes library but also as music folders outside of iTunes clean up, phone library or MP4 media library. Price and availability of YouTube FLV to AVI official website provides a permanent free download the trial version of YouTube FLV to AVI tunes cleaner. The registered version (29.95) is now available on the official website. YouTube FLV to AVI but now offers a discount on the purchase price: 9.99 instead of 29.

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SAMSUNG Solutions

So unwanted USB devices may not be brought to the network. The port key control function allows only authorized users to gain access to USB devices with a password key. These USB devices in the network are not visible to other users. More convenient features such as the detailed E-Mail notification facility round off the performance spectrum of the myUTN-250 USB device server, which can be transparently manage with the UTN control center. Device server for all Ethernet networks including Gigabit (10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT) is service and system conditions of the myUTN-250 USB regular and free software updates, technical support and a guarantee of three years IPv6 capable and compatible with Windows 32/64-bit versions (Server2012 (2008), Windows 8/7Vista/XP) as well as with Mac OS X.

are included in the scope of services. About SEH Computertechnik GmbH: SEH Computertechnik GmbH is specialized in the production of professional network solutions. With over 20 years experience SEH has a wide and in-depth solution competence for printing in the network and USB virtualization for all professional environments. The product portfolio includes myUTN (USB-to-network) USB device server for control and administration of USB devices over the network, including special solutions such as the Dongleserver myUTN-80 and the scanner Server myUTN-130. SEH continues with the ISD product series network printing solutions for the efficient management of the spool as well as a wide range of internal and external print servers for all major networks (Ethernet, Gigabit, fiber optic and wireless LAN) and hardware solutions for the optimization of installations of ThinPrint – ThinPrint Cortado personal printing solutions.

Development and production take place at TV headquarters in the Westphalian Bielefeld. Global marketing is carried out through its own subsidiaries in the United States and United Kingdom, as well as an extensive network of partners and Distributor. Development and sales side works SEH closely with many leading manufacturers.

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Expert Interview Middleclass

Skeptics and supporters discuss on the transport logistic sense and nonsense of the data cloud cloud computing is still controversial in medium-sized companies. Active logistics brings supporters and Admonisher on Wednesday, 5 June, during the world’s largest logistics fair transport logistic in Munich to the hub”at a table. Ask yourself questions about the sense and nonsense of cloud solutions for the mid-market. Herdecke/Munich, 31 May 2013 – cloud computing is a much discussed topic in the press and in trade circles. Its advantages such as flexibility are highly praised, the risks as about the loss of the physical data sovereignty again provide explosive. Many companies are uncertain whether they should seize the opportunities offered by the use of software and computing power over the Internet.

Werner Habryka, Managing Director of active logistics, has five experts from the industries IT and logistics at the booth of active logistics, the hub (Hall A5, stand 105 / 206) invited. The experts will debate on Wednesday, June 5, between 11 and 12 o’clock on opportunities and risks of cloud computing. The aim of the event: the exchange of factual arguments away from the flat-rate reserved and carefree euphoria. Moderator Werner Habryka, hoped for by the Panel discussion more than a gain of knowledge for participants and visitors. Many will then have a clearer picture of whether cloud computing can provide benefits to your company and you can place where.” Andre Theilmeier, CEO of Spedition GmbH Frankenfeld, Michael of Kuppers, spokesman of the Executive Board of the trans service team GmbH and Uwe Kopf form the ranks of cloud computing supporters of the global cloud critical see partner Center by IBM Germany GmbH. the work and saving in the data cloud Hans-Jorg Hager, President of the entrepreneur Colloquium Spedition (UCS) and Thomas loop, is Managing Director of Transco South Internationale Transporte GmbH. cloud critic Hans-Jorg Hager about in IT know-how is one of the core competences of logistics companies deepened one.

With the cloud, he says, depriving themselves of the company of the market opportunities arising from the potential for innovation. Advocate Andre Theilmeier, however, just pleased that his company again can focus thanks to cloud computing on its core competence in logistics. During the four exhibition days, the managers of active present logistics, how to weave is an IT strategy like a thread through the entire supply chain with solutions from their home. More information: press contact: Oliver medicinal view of the main agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 business contact: Gisela Rosendahl active Logistics GmbH Gahlenfeldstrasse 53 58313 Herdecke phone: 0 23 30 / 91 91 431 about active logistics: simple and efficient complete solutions for companies in the logistics sector and the manufacturing industry form the focus of the active offer logistics. The applications of the company include all areas of the supply chain and all modes of transport. Developed on the basis of a detailed analysis of the right IT solution active logistics tailored to the needs of the customers. The staff of software experts experienced in forwarding and logistics come with proven building blocks always in a simple and direct way to the target. In addition, active operates logistics in the Hessian Niederaula, one of Europe’s largest data centers for the transport and logistics sector. About 80 percent of the customers of the service provider are connected to the data center. From these companies, about 13,000 users every day use the software and systems by active logistics.

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