Transport Incidents

For years, car insurance and comprehensive insurance CTP in our country is practically not there, and for many motorists auto insurance remains a "dark forest". Modern life in a big city conceals many surprises associated with vehicles. The owner of vehicles is constantly at risk. Risk on the roads – in fact the movement has become much more intense, the risk in the parking lot, risk even among its own entrance – everywhere your favorite car might trap attackers. CASCO insurance is as complete and partial, and only you decide – what items are included in the contract of voluntary insurance for your vehicle.

Insurance companies have to the presence of several ready-made, but by mutual agreement with the insurer in a contract can be written additional sections for certain types of damages. Full CASCO insurance can cover damages resulting from the Road transport Transport Incidents of fire, explosion, natural disaster, theft and other acts of third parties, except the damage that occurred directly in the operation of the vehicle. Policy Hull may include not only the vehicle itself, but also additional equipment that is included in the box: radio, DVD changer, satellite navigation systems, onboard computers, etc. The composition partial hull includes only the basic insurance risk. Most of the partial hull is not included carjacking. If your vehicle. There was a problem – he was kidnapped, he scratched in the yard, if your "Steel horse" victims of road transport Transport accident, that is, came one of the mentioned in the contract of insurance claims, the insurance company will pay you to these losses. How much will pour out such an attractive contract Insurance? In determining the cost of insurance is taken into account car brand, its age and the amount of compensation depends on what the real price of the vehicle. The acquisition of an insurance contract – profitable attachment, since it allows to know in advance the cost of hull insurance and its costs and not be afraid of unpleasant incidents involving the acquisition and use of the vehicle.

Mobile Banking DBS

Now it is difficult to say when he first appeared, the term "cell bank". Old timers may recall mobile industry (mobile), bank offices on wheels, however, most users of banking services arise association or a mobile phone, or mobile device – palm. Why is the exclusive mobile phone SMS-banking is a kind of telephone banking are also difficult to explain. But, by and large account, you can talk about the two convergent branches of evolution, which came from the phone, on the one hand, and personal computers, on the other. For phones were set up such channels of DBS as a contact center and interactive voice response, for personal computers in the early modem "fat" and then "thin" web-client. The era of GSM has produced a new DBS channels – stitched in the SIM-card application SIM Toolkit, SMS-alert, and then Two-way SMS-channel DBS (later – USSD), in fact, stillborn WAP-channel and channel mobile Java-based applications are not widespread in the force of mass non-compliance with standards for J2ME and MIDP. In parallel, developing small personal digital devices (PDA – Personal Digital Assistant / PocketPC – the so-called "PDAs" or "PDAs") are actually the same fate as personal computers, giving the world as a thin client of the bank for mobile browsers and application on the mobile platform. With the advent of the smartphone market situation has changed little since the device has combined the possibility of handheld and mobile phone, but the same revolution in the channels of DBS has not happened.