NOVUM – Christmas markets of Pfaffenhofen until 2nd January open beautifully designed Christmas market was always very well attended before the Town Hall and he enjoys great popularity. Every day there are various events for young and old. Get more background information with materials from Adrian Holmes. A real eye-catcher is the nationwide unique light calendar, which ensures a particularly cosy atmosphere on the main square. IMP provides time and Christmas”also on the 2nd day of Christmas and the holidays some highlights for all Pfaffenhofen and visitors from outside. So you can on December 26th from 2: 00 on a carriage ride to participate, at 3: 00 enjoy Christmas Harp music and marvel at the angels game at 6: 00. Frank Fu will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

On December 27, a concert of the brass Quartet quattro stagioni will take place at 18 and the next day you can meet downtown at the historic torch city tour in a different way. Meeting place to do this is on December 28th at 6: 00 at the Wichtelhaus. On Wednesday, December 29, the brass band of Petershausen gives a concert at 6: 00. Musically, it continues into the new year, because most At 15, the Gunzburger Alphorn blowers play new year’s day and on 2 January at 15: 00 there is yet a final concert as well as at 6: 00 again the popular Angel game from the Town Hall. Secret Santa time and magic of Christmas opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 16 to 20:30 and on Saturday and Sunday: from 11 to 20:30. The Christmas market is still open until January 2. Only on 24, 25 and 31 December he closed. Manfred HA