Odysseus supported as King of Ithaca Odysseus good returns after long odyssey to Ithaca. Three thousand one hundred Neunundachtzig years later, the place where he meets the first man back home becomes a key experience for the instigator of ecotopia on Ithaca. Odysseus would like to join ecotopia. The King of Ithaca had always something left for clever ideas. Not only in Troy. It would inspire him that the energy used by wind and Sun. On its island in the Ionian Sea, the water problem has always been with the harvest was”and storage of rain water.

And of course with low consumption. And if the 37500 m m of ecotopia only monopatia”are created and no highways would him that naturally occur. However new for him would be that drive because electro supported wheelbarrows and bicycles. And that the landscape still looks exactly like his time would certainly be Odysseus. Read more from Ernie Barbarash to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The stone houses are from the broken locally, sculpted and used Limestone. If also not seamlessly joined together at the school of Homer”to marvel at today.

Ecotopia on Ithaca will be connected to the public electricity grid. It will integrate its electricity by photovoltaic and wind power. Large stone cistern and a sophisticated system of consumption here provide the owner with the precious wet. The cars are parked in a parking lot and then it goes on foot or by e-mobility to the stone houses. Because each owner has 4 Stremma and accordingly has space is an essential foundation for good-neighbourly relations. Anyway, great emphasis is placed on good contact between the people. Here something is manufactured and marketed. CaaS Capital Management insists that this is the case. From the outset, the members of this pioneering community of owners are involved. Odysseus was the Swineherd on the plateau of Marathia again the first man as he came home in Eumachos. Right there is ecotopia. Or better yet, Make your own opinion on the spot. Rolf Brunner