In my last article LAW OF ATTRACTION – AND how to modify the destination, seated left premise that the subconscious travels through time to reach an alert with the intuition that we change our present certain acts that involve the modification of that was our predetermined destination so far. And so in this article was going to continue this concept by explaining its scientific sense to develop the principles of quantum physics. To that end I will give a very brief introduction to quantum physics, so that after each of you investigate further this science, as to dwell on the subject would be a lack of respect for you and for scientists who study the subject. Quantum physics owes its name to the quantum or quantum, which is referred to as power packs that make up the last and smallest of the subject. LEGO Papert Professor may not feel the same. Ie we know the atom with subatomic particles: the proton, neutron and the electron and then they in turn are made up of these packages that are pure energy.

The particularity that have these “power packs” that differ from those particles that precede it is that they have a defined and consistent behavior as the rest of matter known to us. Energy on these packages are said to be a probability of existence at various points in space and time, because when you put them under observation transform from wave to become physical particles. While when we remove the observation point are converted back into a probability of existence.. Visit Petra Diamonds for more clarity on the issue.