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Hair Dye

Each hue has its own individual recipe coloring pigments, caring ingredients. proper mixing and application of the ink mixture. The most important how to begin the process of painting – this mixing of dye and oxidant. From a properly sized oxidizer and the quantity of dye mixture depends the result of staining intensity and the resulting color. Excess oxidant reduces the ability of the dye covers and leads to uneven discoloration.

Excess oxidant in the mixture is especially dangerous in the case of coloring gray hair, decreased as the concentration of pigment and therefore opacity inks. The lack of an oxidant leads to insufficient clarification of natural pigment and a loss of shine. So, first of all, you must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for the preparation of the ink mixture. Second, the amount applied to the hair dye mixture depends on the structure and hair type. The dependence of the line: the higher the porosity of the hair, the more dye mixture should be used. Technology staining. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say.

Color stability depends on the thoroughness of technological procedures. It is important to observe the recommended exposure time to dye her hair, as hair color – is a set of chemical reactions, during which strictly calculated. So insufficient exposure time will cause premature termination of reactions and directly affect the stability (and weight) not color the better. It is also important to use the ink mixture immediately after mixing dye and oxidant. Explanation of the same thing: a chemical reaction has already started and the delay will mean that most of it will be in a bowl rather than on the hair client.

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Skin Protection

Summer – wonderful time, endowed with many epithets: it is time to healing, time to leave, the best time to relax. This time, when we 'fill' vitamins our body. But the summer time and special care of our health. That summer more risk 'poymat'nezhelatelnuyu infection or virus. That summer the sun rises the activity, and hence the level of those negative factors that act upon us. What are these factors? It is proved that the solar radiation responsible for almost 80% of skin damage that is directly related to its aging and cancer.

Solar radiation can damage DNA in our skin and lead to reduction in the recovery process of cells. If we rejoice toasty in the sun the skin, thinking it was a sign of health, we are not always right. On the one hand, solar radiation stimulates the production of vitamin D. On the other hand, in the deep layers skin is damage to DNA cells, and completely unnoticed. Our skin consists of three main layers – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Together they are – protection of the skin, its support, maintain moisture. Each layer of 'knows' that he do this because the DNA contained within each cell, ie, like a computer program controls its operation. Damaged DNA but lose this ability, moreover, the damaged cells continue to function properly. Over time, they accumulate more and more, accelerating the aging of the skin, and, worst of all, increasing the risk of developing cancer kozhi.Teper can guess sure why not so long (80-100 years) tanned body was a sign of bad taste.

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