informed about the main results of computer games with explicit depiction of violence such as in shooters are always blamed for an increased propensity for violence among young people. A new study of the University of applied sciences North Western Switzerland in Basel claims that this direct connection cannot be established. Therefore, the consumption of computer games with explicit content does not automatically lead to increased violence. This relationship can only be established through the integration of external, social factors. As the Internet portal for online actions tells was determined also that a majority of the parents only insufficient knowledge about the computer games their children play exhibit and all 64 percent consider a possible ban in terms of new media rarely or never necessary. Especially for parents from socially weak families this behavior could be determined more frequently. You neglect the General media education as well as the specific need for talks when it comes to the daily Consumption of the media their children go. Following factors were identified as crucial for the impact of computer games and co.

on teenagers: parenting style in the parental home, forcing gender stereotypes, is a weak to strong existing tendency to depression, the relationship with others in the personal environment such as classmates, teachers and financial disadvantage. No mention of an acute danger to young people through violence represents computer games may be from scientific point of view. Rather, exposed young people from disadvantaged environments represent a risk group explicit media content. More information: presse.