Printers, monitors, touchscreens, computer towers, PC s, keyboards, television sets, watches and any other equipment electronic sensitive can be maintained within a closet for industrial PC. Obviously, the type of equipment that will be used in the closet will regulate the size and box style, however, the place where to be used will be what decides the type of protection of the cabinet which will require. Selecting a cupboard it is essential that you understand the type of zone where you will operate. Different environments require different types of protection. The industrial areas, such as packing, shipping, dispatch of goods in warehouses and storage facilities are often dusty so many cabinets for industrial computers are designed and built to be completely dust. These cabinets ensure that what remains inside is fully protected against the penetration of dust and dirt.

The classification system of property intellectual European or international rating NEMA It is a good guide for the amount of protection that the box can offer. It is advisable to select a wardrobe for dusty area having a minimum of IP 54 rating or its equivalent NEMA 4. For wet and damp areas, or even of rinse aid such as food processing areas or other environments in the edible manufacturing industry, then an IP 65 Cabinet is responsible for hosting the team that can withstand even washed and washed by hose with Jet or jet type. Also recommends strongly that the Cabinet is manufactured of stainless steel food grade (316) which ensures that the box does not corrode as well as it is also ensured by the rated NEMA 4 X. Some cabinets for computer may offer resistance to dust and water (a lP and satisfaction NEMA) which makes them ideal for the industrial zones including heavy industry, his IP must prove it. To help you better understand below indicates how the IP are calculated.