Humans live making decisions. Since we started to have some degree of independence in childhood, until our last days, we spent deciding, even when we refuse to choose, that attitude is itself a decision. And as much as the more rational to believe that more objective us to prove our elections, always the factor that inclines us to decide at the last moment one or the other option is purely emotional and sensory. Our ability to live connected with the language of the senses, the bad times will depend on us to avoid or that we can increase the enjoyment. Perhaps when you read this ask yourself: What is it to live connected with the senses? How to tell when the head does not stop and I have total absence of record of what happens to my body and my emotions? It's easy …. through the "symptoms." The aches, pains and illnesses of the body are a way that makes our body when we do not hear shouting messages more soft and subtle. Everyday examples of these are headaches that appear "without explanation and from one moment to another," contractures in the back that arise with a simple move that surprises us how it was possible to happen with something as simple, or accidents the car, walking down the street, on a staircase or in the house, which occur when all was apparently well. If we start practicing going backwards in time, before the appearance of this symptom, and delve into the perception of memory, is likely to find it before the headache, we were writing an email on the computer that was a discussion written words, or that the contractions came back after being without thinking about the meaning of work or a relationship, and perhaps after the accident appeared to have felt guilt for an action committed.