Consume Art

To some thousands of years behind the human beings started to form its modest and rudimentary, however necessary communities. With passing of the millenia, much thing happened, but, the essence of the human being, moved? Today the community is global, inhabiting the savannah of the capitalism, where a gigantic mass of beings can be admired that, supposedly, they say to possess one telencfalo alltamente developed, which lives its lives and its histories, that believe and that they doubt, that they accept and if they repel, that they do not obtain to understand its differences and neither its similarities, but that although everything coexists in society, and over all: they consume. To feed itself, to nourish themselves with water, to breathe, to esquentar with the rays of the energy coming of the immense celestial body that keeps in them, here it is the consumption of the life, that now it starts to be also, the consumption that our life conducts, that reduntante perhaps, not? To consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, to consume, a fadigante repetition, but could thus be, to massassificar its production, if it was lucrative, to contract people, to type ' ' consumir' ' during eight hours daily, all in an enormous rectangular room, with special hundreds of keyboards, only with the keyboard keys TO CONSUME, and a small screen in its front – also these machines would be manufactured by a village the distance miles from there, by the way this would be the idea – accumulated to the way of tables and chairs, symmetrical dispersed, digitantando ' ' consumir' ' until bordering of the sun, or until the fingers to cushion. some of them in a next future, would have deriving illnesses of its unhealthy social lives, and that to brighten up its pains, or then to search the cure, they would consume the remedies manufactured for metallic pajs modern: great cuspidoras machines of tablets. its bodies would permanceriam lying on of beds, symmetrical made use, in great white rooms, with enormous crucifixos hung in the walls, consuming the miracles of the medicine contemporary, waiting you finish them hours the grace of the parasitism of the savannah. thus is taken, thousand of lives, in this very small planet, so mysterious, extraordinary fascinating, and repleto of energies putting into motion themselves and ivadindo our brains, where all are born and die, where the dreams and the hopes collide with disillusions and discouragements, where all the truths and lies if cross, where ' ' solado of the botina of metal' ' it was forged, and where the transcendetalidade of the art connects in them to the wonderful cosmos of the emotions.

Arthur System

As my suit had flight support, I could group my staff and choose optimum place to transform into base, although to be in the Amazonian forest, or what it remained of it, in an area protected for the Brazilian Armed Forces, and we were the kilometers of distance of any port member of an expedition. We locate in them and we treat to install the perimetrais systems of security, each one wise person accurately what to make, Jack and Bem had installed loads and explosives in the outskirts of the place where we were, since we fix base of a cave inside, in the base of a waterfall, where we could prepare any defense, for any attack. I and Arthur place the cameras of monitoring and lasers of movement detention, while Erik syntonized the computers of its system of guard of the suit to catch all contact saw radio, and ordered all to syntonize for internal contact canal 1-0-1 1500 Mz. After to be installed and proteges, leaves the suit medicates where it was I placed and it in automatic way of attack, I removed everything that was important and I placed it the defense system together with, I maximized my suit of combat, I dressed and it. We obtain to make a system for captation of energy through force d? water, that falls in the cachoeira.depois of this, I ordered my staff to rest, since the operational standard of the Vampires and the night, and soon would go dusk. At night Of the Vampires the first night of the training was worse for all the other teams, the Vampires wanting the revenge for having lost one of its, attacked and destroyed half of the teams in a carnage total, had used to advantage the dark one of the night to activate the system of camouflage that gave origin to the name of the team, attacking of form to desorientar the enemy one by one, eliminating, of such skill to righten some of my men, so great the ferocity of the attacks, obtaining with this, to increase the panic and to diminish the estimates of survival of some.