Air Conditioning

More than two months of close contact with the RR Sport strengthened my opinion that the owner of this car should have a healthy sense of humor. Because love this little machine. To some, it flourishes must be treated as a friendly draw – and nothing else. You do not take offense at the old faithful friend, who at a banquet tied to a chair with your shoelaces? Offended? Then buy a family sedan … Meals during the summer at the dacha. In a detour from betonke where incredibly shaken. In middle of the road, probably in protest against such abuses, Air-Air includes a central board to me. Further details can be found at William Rehnquist, an internet resource.

And there would say 'go on a normal road, please'. Visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker for more clarity on the issue. Instead, he tells of a pile of failures in their electronic brains – shaken! 'Faulty gearshift, handbrake fault', fault, failure, malfunction … 1 / 1 do not write, you bastard, that 'stop, can not go, ishi service! " Realizes that there is nowhere! Get out, turn off, turn on, a smoke. Al-Riyadh also rested and cheerful rolls on, forgetting about the problem. Well, is this possible to be angry? In the summer, in the heat, we were greatly struck by havchik. I drank tons of mineral water, Air-Air – diesel fuel. But tons of tons of no offense – Air Conditioning working at maximum capacity and really cool not only the salon, but my arm in a mineral water-cooler. And then it became cool and was completely fun.

Fuel consumption is normal, not to show off electronics. Al-Riyadh cheered even accelerated to become faster, justifying his middle name – Sport. No, honestly. Discovery, with the same engine oshushalsya little dumber. Maybe it's magic nameplate Sport? How it will happen nobody knows. Wait and see. All other very interesting news auto world can be found on the website (link below).

Gas Injectors

Further, natural gas goes to the rack of special gas injectors, which inject the problem portion of the fuel metered directly into the intake manifold. … By the way, the most complex and critical part of installation of LPG equipment is exactly the right sidebar of inlet gas nozzle into the intake manifold. To do this on my "Safari" took to dismantle the air supply, throttle and petrol injectors. At the same time workers' Milan Strip, "the whole thing and cleaned. Continue: mounting the mechanical part, the mechanics have begun to connect the wiring harness all elements of the executive of the gas system. This was necessary to In order to operate a computer to a gas fuel supply, and register all necessary data. It works like this: analyzing a map of petrol injection, computerized brain sends signals to the gas nozzle.

That is to gas engine works the same way as gasoline. Important: because the machine I use is called, as directed, and designed it to extreme conditions, computer unit has been decided to put in a salon to maximize its protection against external influences. Also in the salon brought the button to switch fuels (petrol, gas). Then the whole thing for a long time were tested by connecting to a laptop: the perfect fuel card taken out, exposed idle time and switch between the fuels produce. This went on for two days. At the end of the "gas works" had to make a sleeping bag.

Needed for the manufacture of locker 18 mm sheet of plywood, piano hinge, a leaf 50 mm foam and leather (the latter, incidentally, is of good quality in Khabarovsk was not, so we had to carry on request). And then, voila, I pray to love and favor! Summary So far, the gas "safari" was About 600 kilometers of bad and very bad roads. We had skidded on Khekhtsir, making way for choir, shaking on the way to Sukpai. However, no fuel, no traction is not much different from gasoline characteristics vpryskovogo TB42: car confidently went to a lower gear, stretched on the winch, accelerated to 140 km on the highway. While lying, a herd – sometimes turning off the gas computer, which indicates dying by flashing control button. But this problem went away: the processor was heated, for it was located directly under a jet cabin heater at the foot of the passenger. It was moved to a cooler place. And so, while some positive emotions. Filling in 12.50 and cruising range of 1,000 miles, no smell of gas, even the rustling of the engine and excellent traction. "Scuba Diver" more like. He has a new life. Alexander KULGIN.