Lifestyle of modern man, his mobility and contributed to the development needs of devices under the name "netbook". Netbooks – portable laptops designed primarily for work on the Internet, as well as use of office and other less demanding but necessary applications. Modern technologies of intensive development, especially development of our time was the direction of communications. Modern Lifestyle man, his mobility, stability and movement demands have contributed to the emergence and development of devices under the name "netbook". Atmos Energy contains valuable tech resources. Netbooks – portable laptops designed primarily for work on the Internet, and the use of office and other, less demanding, but necessary applications. In a short time netbook won enormous popularity. As expected, this has contributed to a greater degree of its small size and easy to use anywhere, wherever located. Currently, very little inferior to netbooks notebooks, processor speed has exceeded the 1.8 GHz and hard drive capacity to 500GB, and autonomous operation of some devices up to 8 hours.

Especially in the production of ripe netbooks such giants as Acer, Asus, Lenovo (IBM), HP. Leading software vendors have already moved on to develop applications specifically for netbook affected it, and Microsoft with Linux. Have already been issued a special operating system. Just every day there is a large number of utilities for these devices. Analysts predict a further decline in the prices of notebooks, so that virtually every inhabitant of the earth will be able to buy a netbook. Reviews, news and rating netbook If you are constantly in motion, but you need to constantly work on the Internet or office applications, the netbook help you. Every day, the popularity of netbooks is growing more and more. And to everyone who has ever bought a netbook, or will buy the question of choosing a netbook.


Imagine that the buyer is your friend. Yes, it is familiar, and you really want to know how he's doing. With that mindset you get consumer confidence. Working in a boutique, I served a very sociable woman. In the process of fitting (we conjured her wardrobe over the 15-year-old daughter) so we got to talking, they thought if they were previously acquainted. Of women customers, I learned many new and interesting. But this is not all the things she has bought more than planned.

When the sales process has been completed, and I said goodbye with the client, the administrator said, "It's your friend?" The answer surprised him: "None. I first saw her. " That should work well seller. Returning to the rules. Let's welcome the process went well, now you need to start talking. Ask the buyer that he would like to purchase: what model, color, texture.

Fish for this information unobtrusively, diluting the incidental questions about mood, the weather, style. The conversation will build itself if you start correctly. Look for the one who are selling. You have to use words and expressions characteristic of a particular sex, age, social status of man. So, if you work with young people, be them easier to use slang in a speech, ask the school affairs or sympathies of a computer game. Teenage girls are interested in new trends in fashion and relationships with boys. If a person held in front of you, be judicious with it, a little serious, but friendly and mild.

Recruitment Consultant

List only those jobs that are important for the required work. Do not leave gaps in the dates of the period of employment. Otherwise If the employer raises questions about the "empty" (non-working) time. Phrases should be clearly stated. The optimal shape – a list, as this form more easily comprehended.

Highlight key moments. Of great importance are presented in the summary numbers, the names of famous products and companies with whom you worked. 5. Additional Information section of Foreign Language is desirable to specify not only the level of language skills, but also where and how long you have studied it. It is recommended to use the following terms: Base – a formal command of the language to the extent of the university or other non-linguistic institution. Working – means that candidate can speak a foreign language, read and translate technical literature, including a dictionary and to work with the documentation in the language. Free – requires fluency in a foreign language.

In some cases, based on the qualifications the order allowed the phrase "To the extent the proposed position." Computer skills – indicate what programs own candidate. Driver's license – a point or no. If "yes", what categories and the driving experience (how many years). You must also specify whether there is a personal car. If 'yes', then write a brand of car and year of its release. The summary also includes other information of interest to employers, including necessarily marital status. Must be remembered that the words "married" or "married" refers to the actual situation, and not having a stamp in your passport, depending on the 'purpose' may be appropriate subheadings 'reward', 'publish', 'participation in the conferences', etc. – With a list of your achievements. 6. Recommendations This section is created, if you have an arrangement with people from previous jobs that can provide you with letters of recommendation. In this case, you must specify the names of the people and the company name with an indication of how they can be contacted. Presentation: the electronic version is recommended to save in Word 6.0 or 7.0 with the extension. rtf, using the font "Times New Roman Cyr". Font size – 10-12. If you are sending resumes over the Internet using options Attachment, a message indicates to which position it is, but the file is named candidate. And finally – our advice: Imagine yourself in the place of the employer. Employer interest in your resume only those data which satisfy the requirements of an open job. To view a summary of each employer and Recruitment Consultant spend no more than 30 seconds (!), you have so much time to convince the employer your resume that is with you (!) must meet.