Business Plan. The Payment Office

With each payment acceptance operations can be put into the pocket from 0,5 to 10%, and most importantly, no licenses and certificates. Beauty! Of course, the language does not turn to call this an independent business, the main one. Rather, we are talking about additional source of income. Participate in this celebration of life, in principle, every entrepreneur. Not so long ago the central bank issued another letter, which confirmed that payments may take even kiosks and ice cream – in the presence of an agreement with the operator or his agents. Virtually all of this means that soon for the link and "communal" People get used to pay not only through prepaid cards or a bank, but, for example, at your local pharmacy, at the newsstand or a cafe. Prerequisites for the development businesses to receive payments much: the universal mobile telephone system, the growing popularity of IP-telephony, the increasing demand for commercial television, the need to regularly pay for electricity, gas, landline telephone, intercom and much more. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Caas Capital Management. But the main trump card – an easy chance to entice those who are still languishing in queues to pay for certain services branches of banks: many are willing to overpay a little bit in exchange for the acceleration of the process and the opportunity to make money where it's convenient. – We keep statistics on the clients of our payment system, – said director of "Amega Telecom (Payment systems Empay) Kirill Kazantsev. – And a recent trend: payments smoothly flow from the mobile shops in mainstream retail outlets – grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, at the bakery.


In addition, you can safely remove the focus of the segments that are not represented in other stores. So, if a competitor actively traded meat, place emphasis on fresh fish, etc. Success with buyers enjoy exotic food, fresh pastries or, for example, cutting purchased products. Typically, the average stores of this type to meet the needs of the average client is not more than three kinds of products the same category presented in different price segments, with an average range of positions in 3000. Equipment for convenience stores from the assortment of specialization depends very much, including the choice of equipment. Have to calculate what the flow of buyers will go to the store every day.

This is necessary in order to determine the number and type of POS-terminals to be purchased. If the area is rich, the day shoppers typed no more than forty (a little), but each will leave office in a tidy sum, you need a POS-terminal with a great receiver, so that man could safely packing your purchases. If you are to go only Grandma for bread and milk, you need a POS-terminal, which will allow about packing as quickly as possible. It is important to correctly calculate its capacity, because more than three people in the queue average Muscovite is no longer stands. A radical way to deal with queues – self-organization of trade and, hence, the conversion shop in the mini-market and equipping it with appropriate equipment and software. In many countries, "Convenience store" is widely used by IT-technology, and procurement process is fully automated.