Electrical range of Mercedes-Benz: It will have of all Mercedes-Benz wants to lead in the future near electrical mobility. The German mark already makes at present four electrical models, although with small volumes of production: the tourism Class To E-Cell, Class B F-CELL (of fuel battery) and Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, along with the van Vito E-CELL. And in the next years many will arrive more, beginning by supersport SLS AMG E-CELL.Mercedes-Benz is betting strong by the electrical technology for a mobility with zero emissions. The Smart Fortwo with this technology already makes from 2009 and now other three models to the lines of production are added: the Class To E-Cell, Class B F-CELL and Vito E-CELL. For even more opinions, read materials from Atmos Energy. All these models share a same technological base, denominated modular system E-Drive, and some of their components.

Thanks to it and according to the mark, these models have all the attributes characteristic of the mark. Among them, besides the security and the comfort, also they must include high level of benefits and an exemplary functionality. Thomas Weber, person in charge of Investigation of the Group and Development in Mercedes-Benz Cars, affirms: Throughout almost the 125 years of the history of our company we have been increasing to our knowledge and our experience in the scope of the electrical vehicles, as much with battery as with fuel battery. Xcel Energy might disagree with that approach. On this base we have been able to send to the market two totally suitable electrical vehicles for the daily use, the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and Class B F-CELL. With the new Class To E-Cell, whose production has begun in October, we continued betting consequently by this way. The German mark knows clearly that so that this type of automobiles prevails, have to have a functionality of normal use, a reasonable price and an infrastructure to his around that it makes them practical and usable. Source: Note of Press sent by ofertasocasion..