11 km southeast of Pula is Istria's southernmost city – Medulin. Cozy eponymous bay, where actually there is this small resort is ideal for camping and swimming. The population is not very Medulin large – about 1,800 people. The main occupation of medulintsev – agriculture and fishing. Additional information at Mark Rein Epic supports this article. Medulin largely lives off tourism, aided by the presence of beautiful sandy beaches and pine forests. As the popularity of this resort is not inferior to many popular resorts Adriatic. A stunning landscape, consisting of the peninsulas and islands, necklace scattered in the sea, attracting even the Romans, who built summer residences here, and the first modern tourists came here in the late XIX century. The southernmost city of Istria, located 11 km southeast of Pula, in the northeastern part of the beautiful Gulf Medulinskogo.

It is considered an ideal place for camping and swimming, but He is known especially among athletes. Young people come in Medulin primarily for the sake of sport. The beaches on the resort pebble. For quality vacation in Medulin fairly well developed infrastructure. Bank, post office, medical clinic, travel offices, shops, wineries, jewelry shops, market, many sports facilities and training centers – for the discerning traveler everything is here. In addition, during the summer months in Medulin classical music concerts. Medulin is one of the twenty most popular resorts in the Adriatic.

This assessment has been seen as the stunning scenery of the local coast numbering many stretching into the sea of peninsulas and islands, which were the natural necklace of these places. The Romans chose the coast of Medulin to build their summer residences, and the first modern vacationers appeared here in the late nineteenth century. Now it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Medulin, ancient Mutila, has a well developed infrastructure for a tourist resort. Here there is a bank, post office, tourist offices, medical clinic, flower shops, wine cellars, hairdresser's, numerous shops, jewelry stores, markets, etc. The basis of tourism in Medulin are its sports facilities: tennis courts, football fields, mini golf, beach volleyball. There is a school to teach windsurfing, swimming, horseback riding and water sports.