There are actually many things you need to know before spending money on advertising in an ezine. Remember that no announcement is guaranteed and that many factors determine the success of your ad. In his "signature" I mean what you added at the end of every message you send and are basically a few lines to advertise himself, announce your website or your car responders. In a perfect world you should add your signature in all your mails, interventions forums, newsgroups, etc., Etc .,… Your signature goes where you go. Think of it as a digital business card and leave it where it can. Enter your email auto responders (or Web page address that has the form) in your signature.

Typically consists of between three and five lines but no more. Why? Keeping your company does not appear as short a notice. You have to identify you, your business and your link. Keep it under 60 characters in length. Anyway, Briefly you can use to promote a special offer, a free report, the address of a website, a free newsletter, etc. As the classified ads, the text is very important. Once you have created your signature with the address of your auto responders, add it to all your mails, articles, contributions to forums and discussion lists.

Within digital products One of the biggest trends today in the Web is called "viral marketing." It's not complicated. This is a message (usually in an ebook can be downloaded from the network or a program) that is distributed to e-mail, or mail to the network as a virus. If you create a "buzz", your message will be passed from person to person like wildfire. But you can make it even easier to incorporate its message into a digital file. Why? Because with today's computers is as easy as copying and pasting. For example, you can create an electronic book, or a free application, also called "freeware." The aim is to make people who read the book for your visitors. You may not make any ads, you get thousands of visitors, only through the book. Whether you use an ebook as a software application, your message must contain the address of your site. So, when I pass by each other, people know where to go for more. In fact, you can use your auto responders to paste these digital documents, and make people pass the address of auto responders so they can get faster. It can also lead people to your Web site is a form that people can fill in, receive the digital file in the response and also join your list. One way to increase the number of people who want to download your book cover is manufactured, also electronically, to give more realistic systems simple to write your