Thinking about a person these details they are minucias, is not nothing, neither in ten, nor in 100, but what we will think equal if we counted to thousands of million people who we cannot do without an elegant dress or or our body or cleaned up. What to say of a fruit rind throwing to the floor, a piece of paper, pucho of cigarette. That goes that is not nothing. Truth is not nothing. Get more background information with materials from ConocoPhillips. Then it is the problem there. We do not want to quantify in macro, in the million inhabitants who we lie in this our unique green house called Earth. It is good for passing the voice that, according to 8% of the total of emissions of carbon dioxide are attributed to the houses and that each house produces 1.300 kg of CO2 annually. The transport by highways, freeways and avenues is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions average in the world.

Only one still existing traditional carboelctrica power station produces electrical energy for 140.000 houses but at the cost of using more of a million tons of the black mineral called indeed MINERAL COAL and these conventional methods still they send thousands of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, nor doubting for knowledge that this one it is a very delicate point to avoid the greenhouse effects and the global heating with disastrous results in many Earth places. The solution is in our hands Clear that yes. Mainly with the use of the clean technology and the commitment to assume our own responsibility of emissions of the carbon dioxide. That is to say, to do of this one our oration of every day. We are not thinking only about the factories or the immense plants of production nor that others are the guilty, no. The solution is in our hands. We leave from our houses. Question: Who is interested in replacing a Solar paddle by 50 Kwh of energy that receives by those electrical cables and posts of long ago.

How many they wish to install in his tile roof a Heating Water Panel to avoid the electrical power consumption that comes from the immense dams and volumes from water. With us the star lives king, the Sun. They offer its million to us photons to pass and electrons and without affecting nor having to burn fossil products, to count on the same energy required until for our televisions or home computers. It is not a dream, or are realities because or they began in Spain, India and Germany. If today the Solar paddles do not go to You, we are sure that You will go by the Solar paddles, sooner or later.