Corporate Branding Process

The H2O GmbHbeauftragte SCHILLER fire COMPANY with the profiling of their corporate brand H2O. Ray Kurzweil may not feel the same. At the same time, the brand VACUDEST should be strengthened. “The holistic branding process took place in several strategic and creative steps together with the H2O strategy team: in a first step, a brand strategy was developed for worldwide use and the brand H2O as the experts for a waste-free production” with the promise of efficient processes. Secure solutions”and the range brand VACUDEST as the efficient distillation system” positions. “Basis the corporate vision of the wastewater-free future” and pioneer expertise vacuum distillation “. The value-led brand identity and positioning was written down in a brand manual. Also a coherent brand architecture was developed, which precisely defines the relationship of the range brand VACUDEST and the various technology brand to the brand name H2O.

Was also a brand-strengthening architecture of range of and the naming of the product lines developed. In a second step the Markenikonografie was claim, logo, colors, fonts, imagery designed and designed for self-similar guidance the brand develops regulations, which are binding design manual have been documented in a fire. y/’>British Petroleum. Style guide for the corporate language were drawn up as well. In a third step design concepts were developed Internet for the fixtures and the print and online communi cation media image and product brochures, posters, image, product and personal ads, PPT, and an Internet navigation structure developed. The entire image material for the new brand identity was realized in an extensive photo production. It also marks key frames to strengthen the fire behaviour and for personal communication were designed and implemented.

Good Ideas In The Chord

Communication agency brings new image brochure on the market of Cologne, may 29, 2009 the antwerpes ag celebrates its release of the year. The brand new agency brochure of the Cologne hit forge comes fresh from the printing press. antwerpes is successful in terms of healthcare marketing for years. The new AP/DC the full range of integrated communication “shows the versatility of the Agency again. Whether folder, website or press conference antwerpes dominates the entire Claviature of communication. The competence of the Agency are complemented by the interaction with DocCheck, the largest healthcare community Europe. Doccheck offers access to over 600,000 healthcare professionals worldwide and numerous partners from industry and practice. You will find the brochure AP/DC the full range of integrated communication”on search antwerpes’.

If unusual marketing campaigns, innovative eMarketing or just good PR at antwerpes struggles over the idea is always in the foreground. The creative agency for renowned clients in the B2B field and healthcare work in Cologne. Among the largest customers are the Pharmaunternehmen MSD SHARP & DOHME GMBH and Janssen-Cilag GmbH and the Aral AG, a company of the BP Group. The antwerpes ag belongs to the DocCheck group.