Sun Tzu Conclusion

Use power constructively. When the other refuses to reach an agreement, when you’ve been making many efforts and probing techniques, is because the still believes that he can win.It is convinced that their position is better than yours. You should then show you, teach you, that the only way out is to find together the best deal. You’d have to show him the (bad) consequences caused by not reaching an agreement together. This have to do with questions: e.g. do you think well really we do..? and this is putting bad boys? Really okay for you that we continue as well and have to break? Tu must do you see and feel the consequences of its position of not reaching an agreement, here are three types of questions: a. Click Julie Sweet for additional related pages. do you believe you will happen if we do not reach a solution?.

You start to open your mind. For example: do not think that we are so going down the road of separation..? If not had consequences so maybe considered begin to take it into account. b. What do think you I will do in this situation? If the has threatened you ask how believes that your reaccionaras to their threats. Let her know that with threaten not they win anything none of the two. c. what you will do your? Ask him to envelope your alternative if they are not of Agreement, you think if we don’t fix this? how much cost you to it this stance? If questions aren’t enough to make you see the solutions to the problem (educate so that it reaches a settlement with you) you may have to go to warn le(no amenazar). There is difference in warn and threaten: threat gives the impression of a confrontation, the warning impresses as objective and respect each other.

With the warning, you are preventing what could happen if they can’t agree. I.e. If we do not agree and fix this we are in way of separation the best overall is that never ceases to drag to battle Sun Tzu Conclusion: No attacks, uses the power to teach you that reaching an agreement between the two is the best. Get questions about this solution, questions that make it hard to say no. Put the practice these tips as soon as possible, the first situation of emotional violence that arises from now on, so will gradually reduce its impact on you and your family. I invite you to visit: original author and source of the article.