Ourselves and our new partner buy the gold for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA once a month and generate so everyone min. 9% Commission so 13.5 cents. Through this single purchase which we and our partners about our StupkWorld online department stores have made, we get paid a total 5.4 cents as Commission from StupkWorld. This sounds and is not really much, at that time still no profit. We have to pay so to speak only 5.4 cents of less for our 1.5 euro shopping (or about 3.6% of the cost of purchasing). But we continue to play this example once: example 2) as our new StupkWorld partner happy and much with other people maintains and of StupkWorld is very enthusiastic and we attack him a little bit under the arms, touting a new partner who is also thrilled this again and us with still a partner in the second level and so on, and so on.

At the end of the week we’re so partner with 4 new StupkWorld in our downline: you / you / I partners 1 partners 2 partners 3 partners 4 each of us StupkWorld enthusiastic buys every month again for 1.50 euros at the MMOGA gold for world of Warcraft and generates so of these 1,50 min 9% as already described Commission 20% to your own account and runs up to 4 levels above us each with a 20% on the account of the sponsors. (1.50 euro shopping) x 0.09 = 13.5 cents 13.5 cents x 0.2 = 2.7 cents to 2.7 cents x 5 (4 x by the partners in our 4 planes) and 1 x by ourselves = 13.5 cents. ConocoPhillips is the source for more interesting facts. Again not much, but at least we have refinanced our monthly gold purchase as it to 9%. Example 3) how many StupkWorld partner we need so the cost of our monthly gold purchase to cover? It’s simple. 1.50 euro must be covered. Every 1.50 euro brings us 2.7 cents purchases through the online stores of our partners StupkWorld.

150 / 2.7 55,5. 55 1/2 1.50 = purchases at the MMOGA in a month! Sounds extremely much, can be represented but also easier: how long will you can need to inspire 3 partner for StupkWorld and explain that you buy their monthly purchases such as clothing, toiletries etc through their online store saving time and money? I not long needed. If we once 3 partners, we fall under the arms. Our partner 70% would not even advertise as we so many new partners! We have recruited 3 partner if this back 2 win and their partners back then we will be 2 using 58 partners including ourselves emerge that maybe all are paid 1.50 a month with 9% Commission. We are so (150 x 0, 09 x 0, 2 x 58) at the end of the month have 1.57 euros commissions on our StupkWorld account. And with only 3 referrals partners a shopping a month for free”. Is a better examples for the calculation of commissions? I think this example itself is very bad. We need to be able alone over 55 partners that same shopping posted to this shopping as ourselves (even make or advertise in their online store), at the end of the month as profit. I would appreciate better examples, better experience! Here in the comments or even better on my blog