Staff Already Step Continuous Improvement

It already happened, continues – always need to know when a stage of life is finished. If you insist on remaining in it, beyond the required time, you lose the joy and sense of the rest. -Closing circles; or closing doors; or closing chapters; as you call it: the important thing is to be able to close them. -It is important to let go moments of life that are closing down. You finished your work? The relationship is over? Do already do not you live over in that House? You go you travel? The friendship is over? -You can spend much time, in the present, wondering and trying to understand the whys of this or that fact. -All without exception: you, I, your sons, your brothers, etc. are committed to go closing chapters.

To turn the page. To finish with stages or moments of life and continue forward. -We cannot be in the present longing for the past. Not even asking ourselves why. -What happened, happened. And you have to release, there are give – ignite. -We cannot be kids eternal, late adolescents, nor employees of companies non-existent, or have links with who does not want to be linked to us.

-The facts go and let them go! -Why it is sometimes so important destroy souvenirs, gift present, change of home. Breaking papers, pull documents, sell books or give things. -External changes can symbolize overcoming internal processes: let go, release, break off. -In life nobody plays with marked cards and must learn to lose and win. -Do not wait that you return; don’t expect that you recognize; don’t expect that, ever, will realize who you. -Release the resentment. Give and give the matter of laps, all get is damage you mentally, poison you, sour you. -Life is projected forward, never back. -If you walk through life leaving doors open, just in case, you never let go or live as of today with satisfaction.