Spiral Dynamics

This model is comprehensive, inclusive, explanatory, human, spiritual. Referring to the Spiral Dynamics points whereas through eight General stadiums or memes, this serves to draw an evolutionary State of consciousness, holistic education aims to achieve levels seven and eight, go to the spiritual level, is liberate us from suffering. As we can see in the today requires a learning that will lead to the evolution of consciousness and a true spiritual nature as a basis for an integral education. Then the holistic education is education that humanity needs to overcome its social, economic, technological, political problems, moral and spiritual of the 21st century. It is based on the recognition of universal love and has three large stages of consciousness: prepersonal levels, the staff and the transpersonal. Humanity is universal consciousness through which the kosmos perceives himself.

Referring to the quality of education tells us that it has caused stagnation and crisis in education, has produced human beings with great knowledge, but with a great jobs for life that little pay for the development of intelligence is why education holistic must work towards an educational change of Fund towards a comprehensive learning that override scientific and religious dogmatism and bring us to the development of comprehensive and compassionate awareness. The basis of the quality of education found in the relation subject-object, which does not represent better education, but better manage traditional and old mechanistic paradigm of this subject-object relationship. Here the student is considered an object, it is a reduction of the subject to object, without conceiving the human being as a multi-dimensional subject. The model of educational quality leads to nihilism, the loss of sense, learn to read without understanding what is read, learn math without knowing applying them. Quality is the main computer in the model concept reductionist subject-object, while sujeto-sujeto holistic concept computer is integrity in the relationship.