Social Strata

The tarot is present in the history of mankind since more than five thousand years. Throughout all civilizations it has positioned itself as a practice carried out by representatives of all social strata. From the nobility to the most humble peasants, all flocked to the reading of the Tarot cards as a way of entering in which provided them the target. In the dawn, who carried out the tarot reading were more exalted characters of local worship: the witch or the high priest was who was in charge of such a noble task. And who demonstrate talent for reading, soon saw their guaranteed social ascent. Something very similar was happening in European courts of antiquity. Who show tarotista conditions almost immediately became part of the Court and its role in the life of Nations was not a minor. Many battles and wars have been fought by Council of the Tarot readers of shift who advised the leaders on actions that would alter the face of the Earth forever.

Today, new technologies make that the circulation of the Tarot is more accessible than ever. With only open your trusted internet page, it is possible to access an interface that gives us the possibility to make multiple runs of the tarot, much to respond to specific questions, to know what holds us more long-term fate. The comfort is amazing, because it is now possible to carry the query where the person is present instead of having to go to the doctor’s Office. If it is even possible to receive the message of the arcana in mobile, wherever we are. This is what the internet brings closer us to the ancestral wisdom of the tarot. However it is necessary to clarify that, although it is extremely easy to perform a roll, without having to create an account or enter personal details, neither we into temptation resort cards too often, because the message may be confusing or contradictory. Once the arcana are pronounced, it is necessary to get to the idea that this is the message you have for us, whether we like it or not, it tell us in person the Tarot reader, or exit on the screen of the computer. The reading of the letters is an ancient ritual that should not be taken lightly, although access to it is possible for anyone.