Social Bookmarking

FUSUS.RU – the first service in wap'e with your favorite bookmarks. It allows users to store bookmarks online, share and exchange bookmarks with friends and family, create communities on the topics and interests. In addition, the service provides a good opportunity to show others the best links that you find on a given topic. Thus, the service carries three closely linked components. 1) Ability to store bookmarks online.

2) The elements of a social network. 3) A powerful tool for links and promoting your site. On FUSUS.RU you can: Easy to store bookmarks online. You will be able to access your bookmarks from any computer, even from your mobile phone. Now you do not have to burn a bunch of bookmarks from your phone to your computer, and vice versa. You simply log into your account on the site, no matter where you are, and all Your bookmarks will be on hand. To place your notes. You can also add to the site interesting notes, your observations on any subject.

Systematize bookmarks. You just have to give each tab a few keywords or phrases that are most convenient for you to read describe it, and you get a collection of bookmarks. Find new interesting sites and get like-minded people. By exchanging links to sites that you can meet people for similar interests to you, start with them and share your dating experiences. Share and exchange bookmarks with friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives. Interchange their collections and then best for themselves. Hide bookmarks. You can not show anyone your bookmarks, ie they will be visible only to you. Use the service and appreciate its quality!