Summer – wonderful time, endowed with many epithets: it is time to healing, time to leave, the best time to relax. This time, when we 'fill' vitamins our body. But the summer time and special care of our health. That summer more risk 'poymat'nezhelatelnuyu infection or virus. That summer the sun rises the activity, and hence the level of those negative factors that act upon us. What are these factors? It is proved that the solar radiation responsible for almost 80% of skin damage that is directly related to its aging and cancer.

Solar radiation can damage DNA in our skin and lead to reduction in the recovery process of cells. If we rejoice toasty in the sun the skin, thinking it was a sign of health, we are not always right. On the one hand, solar radiation stimulates the production of vitamin D. On the other hand, in the deep layers skin is damage to DNA cells, and completely unnoticed. Our skin consists of three main layers – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Together they are – protection of the skin, its support, maintain moisture. Each layer of 'knows' that he do this because the DNA contained within each cell, ie, like a computer program controls its operation. Damaged DNA but lose this ability, moreover, the damaged cells continue to function properly. Over time, they accumulate more and more, accelerating the aging of the skin, and, worst of all, increasing the risk of developing cancer kozhi.Teper can guess sure why not so long (80-100 years) tanned body was a sign of bad taste.