Second World War

According to him, in the Volga-Kama cascade, this year's record-low stocks of snow. Virtually no flood processes and on-Don. In the North Caucasus are small reserves of snow. In the European part of Russia postpavodkovy period may be scarce. noted that this year on regulated rivers regional Control Water Management 'should hold the flood so as to ensure water supplies for the summer and autumn.

" Rustem hoped that this year the department specialists will provide navigation along the rivers Ob and Amur full. In the United States passed the summit to combat bedbugs Office for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency opened the first-ever summit to combat bedbugs. This step was due to the fact that the present distribution of these bloodsucking insects peaked since the Second World War, acquiring epidemic proportions. At the same time, the most effective against bedbugs pesticides banned in the U.S. because of its high toxicity.

Place the summit was selected luxury hotel Sheraton Crystal City in Arlington, a suburb of Washington, where it is rumored that bedbugs have been reported. When the bedbugs have become a serious problem, it became clear that adequate methods for their control in the country no. To search for a way out of this situation the Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection opened the first-ever summit to combat this problem. Which started Tuesday a two-day summit brought together about 300 participants in one of the hotels in Arlington, Virginia. On the hotel site says that bed bugs in it was not observed.