SDMO Generators

Diesel generator diesel generator – it's thermal power plant in which to drive the electrical generators used diesel engines. Used as a primary, backup (emergency), hospital or mobile source of electricity. Use of diesel generator SDMO economical units with gasoline engines, they are easier to run in automatic mode, have a large (approximately 20%) and resource unlimited power (capacity petrol units does not exceed 9-13 kW). Finally, diesel fuel is less combustible. In comparison with gensets based on gasoline engines, diesel generator SDMO unpretentious and far more reliable. In addition, diesel generators more fire resistant than gasoline power plants, so for a family in which there are children safe – yet another argument in favor of the use of diesel generator. Diesel power is also much more economical to purchase in the event that we are talking about frequent power outages or the need for long-term (more than 2 hours per day) of generator. It is worth noting that all, without exception, SDMO diesel generators are going with modern equipment and undergo several stages of quality checks.

GASOLINE GASOLINE – a plant for the production electricity as the primary engine that uses carbureted internal combustion engine, fuel for which is gasoline. GASOLINE French group SDMO used mainly in as a source of backup or emergency power, as well as to temporarily connect a small load – in the country, construction sites, in a campaign, etc. In GASOLINE use different kinds of gasoline engines (Two-stroke, four-stroke). In the bulk of these GASOLINE SDMO – a small power plant, which are characterized by small size and weight that allows you to easily move GASOLINE from place to place and used as a mobile power supplies. Sincerely, CSB. Multi-channel telephone: +7 (495) 662-49-60 web-site: SDMO Generators