Rutgers University

Tuna gardens with flowers are part of our world for years. Nevertheless, the flowers do not give food, fiber us for the clothes or any other element necessary to survive. So, Why we spent as much time seeding and taking care of gardens? A recent study that has carried out the Rutgers University, of the State of New Jersey, offers scientific tests envelope that the flowers provide joy to us, an important detail for our psychic state. The development of carried out it to the study Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, Doctorate in investigation, that is an expert psychologist recognized internationally by its knowledge of the human behavior. Of the results most interesting than the Doctor observed was that " the people can handle their feelings and their moods of form heal and natural". These studies of 10 months have given like result the following conclusions.

the flowers immediately affect the happiness. the impact of the flowers has effects in the long term. the flowers help to communicate better with other people. In the so estresante world in that we lived, is interesting to know that if we bought a simple branch of flowers we can improve our mood and to have a form exceeds how to fight against the depression. And still more, the flowers that you buy for you will also make happy to others. Colcalas in a site of the house that has much movement, as the entrance or the kitchen. Doctor Haviland-Jones agrees, and says " The flowers give to feelings and positive emotions to all the people who enter the room.

The space becomes more cosy and creates a worthy atmosphere of compartir". You want to improve the state of spirit of your clients and employees? It places flowers in the lobby and the zones used by all, hazlo also in the room of rest, cafeteria or rooms of meetings. You will benefit when having a place of more beautiful work and will see a pile of smiles in your office. Definitively she is one of the best forms exceeds how to fight against the depression. It improves the moral and you will also increase the productivity, the purchase of flowers it can suppose many benefits! If you want to see as I could leave my depression and reach a natural balance, you only must click here. Original author and source of the article.