Russian Federation

Quality Systems gps Navigation – always the exact coordinates! If you collect things in the multi-day hike or even go fishing, we often try to collect the luggage in a way that would collect only the most important. And, Of course, no radio and automotive gps navigator with maps of the journey is necessary. Almost as a modern fishing without a modern sonar. By law, the Russian Federation for the free radio wave communication in our Russian Federation is already two ranges – 433 MHz and 27 MHz. If you are in hilly or even just to difficult terrain, the connection with the frequency of 433 megahertz certainly not enough. Therefore, professionals who really want to communicate in the absence of good visibility (forests, mountains, bad weather), use the radio in the range of 27 MHz, but these radios will be heavier and heavier portable 433 MHz analog-marketing.

Yet, Motorola radios have a frequency range of 27 MHz, using a reliable schematics Russian developers and the European e-element basis. Radios offer maximum allowable currently range Radio in the absence of adequate visibility (rugged terrain, hills, hills). Say, the device Berkut-502 with convenient antenna included work in the dense taiga in the 2.7 – 6 km, Berkut-803M – at 4 – 8,5 km, although depends on many factors (distance communication depends on the presence of magnetic sources, seasons, weather conditions). With the additional antenna kits ‘Superflex’ there is evidence of the relationship in the taiga to 10 -12 kilometers. In the guided tour you will probably be needed GPS-navigation system. Fortunately, gone are the days when to find your position on a particular area has to produce Numerous calculations and computations. Almost all of the gps can be read with an accuracy of up to tens of meters to calculate the position. At this point in the domestic market presents the most complete line of gps systems known firms for example, the popular Garmin. Can you remember when you were languishing in anticipation of the river with a fishing rod and fish are not floating to you for dinner? Nothing if you’re just fishing for the sake of sensation. But what if you fish for? In this case, is not easy to do without multi-sonar. All sounders may surprise many of the features and capabilities. This includes such features as: the definition of the structure of dna, clarification of the size of fish, the bottom is depicted as a black band. More advanced sonar signal output device for achieving the required depth or finding fish.