Road Riots

If you previously thought and the crisis we are not a hindrance, then later some officials were to announce “nekardinalnom” reducing the budget for road construction and maintenance this year. However, if the Russian officials at the local look to far ahead to stay, then the simple motorists watch yourself directly under the wheel and expressed as a rule, its assessment in a negative way. More information is housed here: Eliot Horowitz. Some regions are ready to revolt just because of the nightmarish roads. Motorists Konakovo town of Tver region staged a protest against the state of local roads. Night in front of the city administration, they have built a mountain of wheels and tires, which found his death at the worst roads of the city. According to experts, the situation we have hardly going to change anytime soon, but travel riots could become a mass phenomenon.

By the end of 2008, it was concluded: the last year for the road sector was the most successful because it was built 2,3 thousand km of roads. Has also been renovated and 5,055 km of federal roads, which is 46 percent higher than a year earlier. The total volume of subsidies granted to the subjects Russia on roads in 2008 amounted to 102.3 billion rubles, of which more than half (63.64 billion) was spent on construction and reconstruction of roads within the framework of federal target programs. Head of the Federal Highways Agency Anatoly Chabunin in early April at a meeting with representatives of the domestic press has sounded an anti-crisis strategy for road infrastructure in Russia.