Reversing Weight

Also before you cultivator, only referring to the heavy class. The power unit is a single-cylinder "chetyrehtaktnik Cougar with ohv. The standard kit includes two wheels with rubber tires – for "standard" plastic vehicles with wheels such Mahina not go away. A lot of weight ensures smooth running of the period of work: cultivator easily dug in soil, less bounce on the more dense areas. Machine with similar characteristics suitable for processing large areas, when the bill goes to the hectare. Often they become farmers and utilities. Advantages of Cougar gt 1990 Pro are not only high performance and a respectable weight. Interesting and transmission of the cultivator.

This machine has a separate hard drive wheels and a single – on cutters. Doubly interesting design transmission gt 1990 Pro, making it possible to choose the direction of rotation of cutters – forward or backward. This is a very rare feature for cultivators of this type. In most cases, this technique is no choice – little bits constantly rotating in the opposite sequence in relation to the wheels. Cougar gt 1960 Judging by the weight of the model refers to the middle class. However, 41 kg – it's not too many for the "average", to the same dimensions here are modest, so despite the absence of Reversing, the leadership does not seem serious. Structurally, 1960 gt recalls a friend of many local "Mole." But the differences are: a very powerful frame, without the slightest backlash, and professional worm gear. Confirmation of "professionalism" is the fact that this gear – Accepted.

Engine power to 5 hp and width of the soil to 60 cm can be used gt 60 on the solid areas. Cultivator complement one transport wheels make it easier to deliver the machine to the workstation. In addition to the mill are protective discs – they will "hook" useful plants, which grow close to the treated strip. Arm height adjustable. Another detail – the wings are closed the whole band treated more with the maximum amount established by the mills. That means you can not fear flying out from under the cutters clods.