that tens of years ago, photos had its own conservation system and Furthermore, backups without that we were aware of it. However, currently we have technologically evolved by leaps, how keep photographs? Normally when we take pictures, download them on our PC, we use programs that classify them and remain stored. The more cautious take some backup and store them in external devices such as CDs or DVDs. With that we think that we already have them stashed and well preserved. But we do not set, how are going to endure those devices at the time.

Do we think with vision of photography to 50 years as it named before? We are confident that those backups have been made correctly and you will be able to when you want to recover it? What life have data stored on a CD? Is the CD a technology that pervivira within 50 years? We will have readers to see them? What I have with this, is that many photographs that we are taking today, stability brackets where we store them is very fragile. We have all the pictures stored on a hard disk at the expense that in a split second from a peak of tension in our electrical installation, make us lose all those photos. Or that the alleged copies of security in which we have stored photos such as CDs or DVDs are not effective at the time of wanting to recover them or if it is long term, it is possible that there are no devices that can read them. The panorama is quite negative, since within 50 years I foresee that the proportion of preserved regarding made photos, photos will be much lower than the present time if we go back to 50 years ago. Therefore, if one is fond of photography and the conservation of those moments captured as the value can have both sentimental and economic is also concerned, both, one has to establish a genuine system of backups with a very determined and designed methodology in the face to the effectiveness of the retention of these documents will endure over time. Cheer because if one is careful, you can keep your pictures throughout your life, but it is not a system neither cheap nor comfortable. Just like returning to traditional albums on paper. But who puts on paper the thousands of photographs that we currently have? Original author and source of the article