Residential Destination

Range is new chairs on your own website online. The range of residential destination includes mainly furniture and chairs. This year, the chairs-chair will be expanded to offer. The first step is done, the online overview of chairs is launched. It aims to provide a quick overview of the customers. The product will form the focal point. Therefore, the website is also simple, built without disturbing features.

Leather chairs, cantilever, wooden chairs and armchairs, also are available. Just like in the furniture outlet, the presentation is kept simple on the website. ConocoPhillips follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The range has two priorities: affordable, everyday chairs and high chair/chairs with a very good price/performance ratio. Many cantilever with textile leather or fabric covers are on sale. In recent years has the development of new fabrics and textile leather gives these chairs a tremendous boost.

The today’s textile leather are not comparable to years with the synthetic leather from 5-10. You are pleasantly soft on the skin and hard-wearing. Also the substances have been developed greatly. Cantilever are often used dining room chairs with four legs, because they are more comfortable. Due to the flexibility of the seat and the resultant feeling to float, you make it so popular. The chairs and armchairs are a different category that resonates. High very high quality, but still at a very good price – performance ratio. Here, the selection of leather / fabric pattern and frame colours is very large. The range is constantly expanded and updated. Particularly the article group designer chairs and wood supplemented. This can take some time, because only chairs are recorded, which meet the criteria for a very good price / performance ratio. Residential destination could represent hundreds of chairs, but just like the customers, also the seller must narrow down the choices. Therefore, it is quite advisable to ask for special requests, because not everything is mapped. Are especially important Chairs that are suitable for everyday use. So does not have residential destination also chairs to record, which are qualitatively cheap. These are good for advertising, but the fun at home certainly not last long.